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Monday, 2 December 2013


The gnomic Colin Hall, headmaster of the Holland Park Academy views residents wishing to use 'his' pool with disdain.
When planning permission for the school was granted strict conditions were imposed. These guaranteed residents access to the swimming pool and other facilities. 

Hall seeks to retrospectively alter these conditions: a thing unheard of in planning circles.
In late January an early evening  'School Completion Event' is planned by Hall.
At it he will unveil a draft 'Community Use Plan' he and his staff have cobbled together......
The insolence of the man! 
Already in serious breach of planning conditions this pushy chap thinks numerous bottles of red wine will 'lubricate' objectors and get acceptance of a plan to remove residents' rights of access to a school they overpaid £90 million for.
The Council should take control of this and tell Hall any such meeting will take place at the Town Hall and will be chaired by Cllr David Lindsay.


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  2. 01:02 You cannot post defamatory items without the levels of proof demanded by a court of law. Your comment was defamatory and could have cost the Dame her large fortune. Please re-comment, but without that very serious libel. It is quite unfair of you to put this blog at risk of an action for defamation.

    1. That's a new one for the Hornet. Abuse and claims of illegal activity are all over this web site.

      As for the libel, the only person who can be sued for this web site is Mr J Downes. The owner of the Domain name, and founder of the site. (Though he does not write everything under the name of the Dame, Hornet, HornetsNest, Anonymous.) Some of this abuse is written by Labour Councillors.

  3. Mr endow me with superhuman capabilities! Do you really think that one person could be responsible for the Dame's voluminous output?....You over-credit the old dear. The odd thing is this...not once has anyone-purportedly defamed by the Dame, wasted their money on any legal challenge.That's fairly indicative of the accuracy of the Dame's comments.
    If one is naughty, for example, using an Association telephone to make calls to Antipodean friends, then the Dame will finger you. For example, if Dick Digger, was wont to spend £500 on such naughtiness the Dame would have to expose his rank dishonesty. But you are not Dick Digger are you Matthew!

  4. The splendid Dame puts the peasantry firmly in their place.

    Returning to the issue. As has been said many times, everything about Holland Park School reeks of mismanagement, excess and dishonesty - in some pretty high places.

    It's high time the recently much lauded Nicholas Paget Brown acted for the residents he claims to represent, against very evident vested interests. The school is surely a publicly owned asset. So the same public is entitled to use its own school facilities when not needed by its children.

  5. Palmer is not a peasant . He descends from a Tory Earl and also William the Conqueror. He just behaves like a peasant - although that is to insult peasants. who are generally polite and intelligent. He is using this tactic once again to deflect the Dame's readers from the issue in question, which is the outrageous way that Cllr Palmer's Tory colleagues enable the Napoleon of Holland Park to run rings around them - apart from Cllr Lindsay.

  6. So what is Cllr. Lindsay going to do about all this?


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