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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The Dame has an apology to make to our admirable Chief Executive, Nicholas Holgate. 
In a recent piece she castigated the Council for giving Charlie Saatchi £20,000. 
This, on top of the £50,000 given in 2009. 
The decision to hand over another chunk of money to the multi millionaire ad man and art dealer had nothing to do with Mr Holgate and all to do with our very odd Finance loving singleton, Warwick Lightfoot.

Sophisticates who know Charlie Saatchi understand his gallery's prime purpose is to promote his collection and boost the profile of young artists he collects. 
But, being an economist, such business acumen escapes Lightfoot.

The Dame,pottering in a local charity shop, came across a remaindered book by Lightfoot.
The title claimed 'we have no money'.....
That could have something to do with the fact that Lightfoot gives it away to one of Britain's richest man!
Other ways Lighfoot found to ensure we have no money was to spend £100million on a school that should have cost £34million...Exhibition Rd costing £28million...Chelsea Care-a million down the drain and a million a year on Opera Holland Park.
So we don't need a tome from Lightfoot to explain the obvious!


  1. Careful Dame! You're playing with fire.

    You risk not only being lectured by Cllr. Lightfoot in intricate mind-numbing detail but also inducing one of his catatonic-like rants that are the cause of much concern amongst those who borne witness to such an episode.

  2. While one agrees with Pear's sentiments, one is not sure that "catatonic" is the appropriate word in this context.

    However, a year or two ago RBKC claimed to have insufficient funds to continue supplying the essential sanitary requirements of an elderly. former ballet dancer and resident.

    1. Apologies. Catatonic is indeed not an accurate description.

      Cllr. Lightfoot doesn't appear catatonic, although anyone witnessing what transpires might wish it.

  3. A tip for those verbally abused by Lightfoot. After being on the receiving end of one of his rants, I responded by saying in a very loud voice that he didn't give a f***. It worked a charm.

  4. Is it true that Warwick is into wigs?

    1. Whose wigs? We want to know.


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