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Monday, 15 August 2011

Wasting our Money

The Dame received this press release from the attractively named Mai Moon. Now what Mai has done is circulate a press release that has already been circulated by the local Police-and you wonder what she is doing working from a local Police Station! You can see it below.
This is an utter waste of taxpayer's money, but a vivid demonstration of how little the £3 million a year Rotten Borough Propaganda Dept has to do. For God's sake, Cockell...get a grip and sort out this hemorrhaging of our money by keeping PR staff in post totally superfluous to the needs of the Borough.....

Sent: 8/15/2011 5:58:12 P.M. GMT Daylight Time
Subj: FW: Press release re: disorder on Kensington and Chelsea and Bvlgari witness appeal
Dear all
Please see below for recent information issued by the police about items recovered and arrests made as a result of the disturbance in the borough, as well as a witness appeal.
Kind regards

Mai Moon
Media and Communications Officer

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Whitlock House
C/o Kensington Police Station
6 Earl's Court Road
W8 6EQ

Telephone: 020 7795 6660

Subject: Press release re: disorder on Kensington and Chelsea and Bvlgari witness appeal

Following the disorder and rioting that took place last week the net is closing in on the criminals as police from Kensington and Chelsea make significant arrests.
As of today (15th August 2011) officers have made 20 arrests, issued approximately 15 search warrants and have about six people on bail pending further enquires.
Since the disorder broke out our many of our officers have been working 12 hour shifts or even longer and have been supported by MSC (Special Constable) colleagues on the borough as we provide high-visibility patrols and reassurance to the community.
Following the search warrants executed police have made a number of significant finds including:
  • Bvlgari ring
  • Hugo Boss clothing from the Sloane Street shop
  • Jewellery from Theo Fennell shop which was subject to a smash and grab
  • Shoes from the Office shop in Portobello Road which was looted
  • Alcohol from the Off Licence premises looted during the disorder
  • We have also recovered property including ipads and iphones from burglaries and quantities of drugs including crack cocaine
 We have also had a number of significant charges following the riots including
  • Two persons for violent disorder
  • Four persons for the burglary at Theo Fennell
  • Five for the robbery on the Super Save newsagents in Notting Hill
  • One person so far for the Office shoe shop burglary
  • We have also charged a number of people for handling stolen goods.
 Police still have a wealth of CCTV to trawl through and are following up on intelligence so more arrests and charges will follow.
Supt Simon Rose, head of Partnership said: "Following the disorder our officers have been painstakingly working through the CCTV available, our forensic examiners working on the crime scenes and we have been conducting search warrants where we have intelligence to suggest stolen goods are being stored or have been sold on. 
"As of Monday 15th August 2011 we still have more than ten persons in custody for violent disorder offences in the North Kensington area. 
"We still have a large number of leads as to suspects who will be arrested in the forthcoming week and we will be continuing to hunt down and bring to justice those responsible for the rioting in Kensington & Chelsea."
Anyone with any images or information are urged to contact Kensington and Chelsea Police (details under Bvlgari appeal)

Louise Powell | Media and Communications Manager 
Kensington & Chelsea Borough PoliceMetPhone 740638 | Telephone 020 8246 0638 | Fax 020 8246 0618
Address Room 207, Kensington Police Station, 72 Earls Court Road, London W8 6EQ


  1. Clear evidence of too many employees in the Town Hall with too little to do

    Looking for things to do......

    In the private sector this bloatage would not be tolerated for a nano second. But in Kensington Town Hall, Cllr Cockell spends tax payers money with abandon

  2. Why do we pay someone in the Town Hall to re issue Press Releases from the police, where we already pay someone to issue Press Releases??

    This is job creation gone mad. And I (a hard pressed tax payer) am paying for it!

    Time for a change of leadership in Hornton Street. Cockel is way past his sell by date


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