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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Herr von Cockleburg's 'heir waiting in the wings' Crown Prince Rocky Fielding Mellen has decided, for the edification of all and prevention of any further riots, to give us the benefit of his wisdom. It's in pursuit of his ambition to lead Kensington and Chelsea. With the kindly and cerebral support of his mentor, Cllr Herr von Cockleburg, Rocky has come up with a new vision of the future for us poor benighted residents. Now the Dame is highly educated with Master's degrees from many world class universities, as well as a string of learned papers on various arcane subjects to her name(stop showing off Dame Ed) However, Rocky's erudite scribblings( are you sure that's what they are Dame? Ed) have given her quite a headache.
Can anyone interpret exactly what he is getting at? A weekend at Chez Dame in Phuket will be the prize.....
The previous relationship between the individual and the state and the resultant division of responsibility between the state, communities, families, and individuals is not sustainable. Whereas in the past partnerships such as the Local Strategic Partnership focused on the joining up of providers, such as the state and the third sector, the imperative now is to reengineer the division of responsibilities to take account of new financial realities, but also, more fundamentally, what many people themselves want. That is to have as much control over and responsibility for their own lives, and the lives of the people who depend on them, as is possible.
Therefore, the challenge for the Partnership is to refocus its efforts away from an agenda which sought to build consensus and relationships amongst providers and which instead seeks to demonstrate, encourage, support, cajole and enable a new and more fitting relationship between the state, communities, families, and individuals which is founded on co-responsibility on the part of these actors.”
Thank heavens! We can now sleep more soundly in our beds as Crown Prince Rocky singlehandedly cajoles the rioters off the streets.



  1. No idea what it means, total gobbledy-gook. Is this written by a human being or is it a randomised computer message, the kind that finds itw own way to the spambox?

    Will someone please instruct Prince Rocky on how to respond to a 'high-five'? We hear someone tried to engage him with one the other day, but he thought he was about to be smacked in the face and gave the young lad a very ungentlemanly Chinese burn.

    He needs a quick lesson in street cred if he is to succeed to power; any suggestions?

  2. Reading this statement is a worry, Rocky sounds a bit simple. Inbreeding?
    G. K.


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