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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Herr Cockell's Enemy No 1

The Dame, comfortably ensconced in her £30 million super luxurious Thai beach side hideaway, has heard strange rumours about exotic neighbour Danny 'Boy' Moylan. They could well be true:recent dreadful events in London make them even more credible. Fashionably louche Phuket cafe society is speculating that the mop haired clown trying to run London has so spectacularly self destructed- through blundering incompetence, that Londoners are saying, 'enough is enough-on yer Boris Bike- into the sunset of a doomed political career'.
Now, if that were to come to pass it leaves 'Boy' Moylan is a tricky situation. We know he and Herr Cockell rely upon the largesse of the Rotten Borough to fund their lifestyles so if suddenly 'Boys' loses his £120/130,000 a year(courtesy Tfl) then it might be that the Dame could be losing her neighbour(as you know the Dame's dear ex husband left her a
vast fortune so she's ok and won't need to flog her Thai bolthole).
When Danny 'Boy' decided to jump ship to Tfl the rumour was that he felt 'unloved and unwanted'(he was right about that. Ed). Anyway, being a far sighted chap Moylan has been reviewing his options:and there is but one. What could be that be the Dame ponders....
Well, those who know in the corridors of Hornet Street say that Danny 'Boy' is pondering a return to the Rotten Borough Cabinet and fulfilment of a long held ambition to force out his arch enemy, Herr Cockell. However, Herr Cockell, being German, has many Teutonic ways of dealing with the Irishman, 'Boy" Moylan. Watch this space for some serious world war type warfare.....and remember councillors, the Dame warned you first your next Leader could be the man you love to hate!


  1. Ye gods, please no!

  2. All thinking people must immediately light candles & pray desperately to the All Powerful Butterfly on High for the good fortune and great political longevity of one Boris Johnson Esq; whatever his flaws. The prospect of Cllr Daniel Moylan as Leader of RBKC, a borough with an immovable party political bias, is too awful to contemplate.

  3. Cockell is likely to go sooner rather than later. The top candidates for the succession are Crown Prince Rock Feilding-Mellen, Nick Paget-Brown, Tim Coleridge and Tim Ahern. As he could well lose his TfL job, Daniel Moylan may have no other option but to put his hat into the ring well ahead of next May, when Boris may go - but could his ego stand the humiliation of losing? A very difficult call to make!

  4. There could not be a worse outcome for K & C than the Moylan creature becoming leader. It would be far worse than what we have, even Sir Cockie is a better opption! With Moylan's poor old fashioned taste in architecture the borough would end up looking like Milton Keynes.
    Can DM be so blind not to realise how much he is hated in K&C, it would put his private life under a microscope. We would not rest until he was brought down.
    As for Boris, God help us if we get Ken back!

  5. Daniel would make a lovely Leader. He's so cute and prissy.

  6. "He's so cute and prissy."
    Nice one...but cute and prissy are not adjectives that jump to the front of one's mind

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I see the Mosquito comment has been removed. I suspect that the comment referred to the many stories that swirl around this very controversial figure.
    Clearly many of these stories are quite lurid and the administrator felt that he could be on the receiving
    of a nasty letter.....

  9. Isn't Moylan one of the councillors with a property company registered in the BVI?

  10. In fact it wasn't one of my comments that was removed; Mosquito may bite but is not litigious.

    Some of my bites may go septic, however. Then the poison spreads...

  11. No Grub
    That BVI account was ex cllr, Mayor and great mate of Herr von Cockleburg
    the gloater of young boys bodies, Filthy Phelps.
    One wonders why an impoverished cllr would need a very expensive and secret
    account in British Virgin Isles. Care to explain Filth?

  12. More than one councillor included a property company registered in the BVI in his declaration of interests. You need to establish who the second one was. Incidentally, that property company has now been removed from that register of interests - why?

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