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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Gilbert & George of Local Government Moneybags

As the Dame winged her way back to the Rotten Borough from her £20 million "tropical style' beach side
Phuket villa( Cllr Danny 'Boy' Moylan is a near neigbour though how he affords it is a mystery) the captain of her brand new Gulfstream V bought her an email. Her curiosity(and only that) were aroused when she saw it came from one M. Palmer. The email contained a picture of Herr von Cockle and his friend, the scary and not terribly pleasant Mr Myers. The odd thing is the closeness in resemblance to those other (artistic) poseurs from the East End? Can they be perchance related?
Now the Dame had asked you all to send her some droll captions, but some were less than appropriate...
So let's try again keeping it sanitary this time.
The prize will be a dinner with the Dame at Chez Patrick, that little French joint so popular with our Rotten Borough 'big spenders'- according to some of the expense returns the Dame has seen.

left: Herr von Cockle, Leader
right:Mr Myers, Town Hall boss

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