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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


In a statement to the local press Herr Leader Cockell said, “This behaviour seen last night is utterly intolerable".
Another day: another platitude. The appalling behaviour we have seen in London and other cities is unforgivable, but possibly explicable. Authority figures are no longer seen as such. They don't torch buildings or loot JD Sports but the  looters are not that stupid. They read, or see on TV, about authority figures behaving in amoral and dishonest ways- or they hear it from their parents. 
Our leaders' form of 'looting' is non violent and discreet. Whether through the claiming of fictitious expenses or MP's claiming for outrageously expensive and unnecessary plasma screen tellies, the message is clear....'everybody is on the fiddle'. So why should these ill educated and ill disciplined looters take our leaders seriously? They don't. They see them for what they of the system.
Merrick Cockell has been constantly in the press over his expenses, stays in 5 star hotels and $380 dinners for two with nameless guests. He insists on buying a £120,000 Bentley so, as he ignorantly says, 'for the dignity of the Royal Borough'. And councillors, despite the fact that just about every other public servant travels second class insist on First Class travel.
Lets not forget too the 'dignity' of Elaine McDonald deprived of night care and forced to wee on incontinent pads. The cost of forcing her to do this was a wacking £104,000.

It's time those supposed to lead started to behave themselves. K&C could make a start by setting an example. Cockell, paying himself £70,000 a year for a two day week 'leading' RBKC sends out the message, “ I'm alright, Jack and stuff the rest of you"
So Merrick Cockell stop being your usual windbag self and start to use OUR money effectively-not on ego boosting projects like the £27 million repaving of Exhibition Rd or sponsoring Holland Park Opera, but on projects to close the 'them and us' gap that exists in the Rotten Borough.
ER is not yet open but the pretty pink granite setts imported from China are now dirtied and dark from oil stains and skid marks. Soon it will look like the tarmac it replaced and another £27 million of OUR money will have gurgled into the gutter.


  1. Dear Hornet, how sad that some of our 'leaders' are so thick they will never see the connection you poiint out so fluently.

  2. The Dame has surpassed herself in highlighting the manifest failures of RBKC's Leadership. An old people's dining club closes; an old lady loses her dignity; a block of 'council' flats is demolished and residents sent away. North Kensington gets a cut-price academy school. Council Leaders grab as much as possible for as little work as possible. Meanwhile uneducated kids without hope of better rampage in our streets. No excuse for the kids; even less for the Leadership.


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