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Friday, 12 August 2011

The lunacy of the Winter Fuel Allowance

The Dame, being rich beyond the dreams of a certain Leader's avarice, was startled to be sent a request
from some government department asking her to immediately apply for a Winter Fuel Allowance.

At first she thought it was some little practical joke being played upon her by her mischievous Thai neighbour, Danny 'Boy' Moylan. However, it seems not so. Though you might be as rich as the Dame, with houses worldwide and a Gulfstream G5, our weird government positively incites you to claim the money.
This made the Dame think...if true UK PLC is bust why are the Government throwing money at those with no need of this Winter Fuel Allowance? There are over 1.7 million people retired with 1 million living overseas. Surely not all have need of this money? Just imagine how it could be used to help those in real need?
The Dame's loyal factotum, ex Rotten Borough Worshipful( a mistake surely Ed) Mayor Phelps, explained to the Dame that EVERYBODY over 60 could grab the money. In fact, he says, the claim form gives no option to waive the payment or donate to some worthwhile charity.
So here we are in the midst of an economic firestorm and the ludicrous politicians throw money at those who neither need or ask for it. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad would seem to well sum up the crazy ways of politicians.
The Dame would recommend that all her readers who have no need of the £200 claim it and then donate to a favorite charity or the Mayor's Appeal.The Dame's fave is the Family Holiday Association


  1. Anonymous
    From memory, you're not eligible for the winter fuel allowance if you (legally) reside abroad. Certainly no-one sunning themselves on one of the Costas should be able to legitimally claim it.

    The question then is whether the winter fuel allowance should be means tested. Given the relatively small amount of money involved (£250 per household IIRC) it's probably cheaper to just give it to everyone of the right age. Means testing is generally labour intensive and expensive.

    The same argument of course applied to Child Benefit - not only was it quite effective (primarily because it was paid to the mother) but it was also cheap to administer precisely because it was a "universal" benefit. The current mob however don't seem to understand that and are clearly intent on turning it into an administrative (and costly) nightmare.

    On a side note I am somewhat surprised the yellow brigade haven't informed their partners in crime about this. From memory support for more universal benefits was part of their manifesto for many years ...

  2. Very nice! Houses worldwide and a guldstream G5!

    I agree (but not nonnymously)the limited value of the fuel allowance makes meanstesting impracticable or very costly - especially enforcement! (From where here did this particular piece of coal come?)


  3. David
    Thank you. The point is that the form should raise the question with the applicant as to whether they had need of the allowance. Nothing to do with means testing. Had the Dame been asked whether she required her it her conscience would have dictated that she say no.

  4. Can the Dame please stop rubbing our faces in the fact that she is nearly as rich as Herr Cockle and Danny 'BOY' Moylan. We know that she married money rather than being leader of RBK&C or Dep Chair of Tfl


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