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Thursday, 15 December 2016


What on earth is the matter with councillor and ex-Admiral of the Fleet, Malcolm Spalding?
For residents of Earls Court, Capco and Urbanista are Public Enemies.  So, what does the silly old sailor do? He asks these two hated organisations to sponsor the Earls Court Society Christmas shindig. And, it's not the first time. You can search Spalding on the Nest and see for yourself.
Spalding, has form for lousy judgment: he switched, in a New York minute, from being independent to Conservative and has a history of kowtowing to Capco.

A resident tells the Dame, "He has, without any authority, consultation or agreement by the Earls Court Society organised for their Christmas party to be sponsored by Capco and Urbanista.

De minimus, it's deeply inappropriate to ask the two firms, causing local residents great upset, to be involved in a community initiative. 

Urbanista’s recent planning application, vigorously opposed by local residents, caused great upset and was then withdrawn. 
Capco has a lot of coverage within the area and residents are very concerned about the spate of applications coming through,
As Spalding has now taken a role on the housing committee it is inappropriate that he be so close to Capco and Urbanista.


  1. Puffed-up pudding: Earl's Court deserves better

  2. The Earl's Court Society is a supposedly independent organisation. Their website states "Protecting, preserving and improving local buildings and amenities. Formulating planning advice for the area. Representing and expressing the views of all members of the Earl's Court community." Something for Cllr Spalding and the membership to chew on as they partake of developer flavoured canapes at their Xmas party. Bravo the Dame!

  3. Malcolm Spalding is on the Planning Committee of RBKC Council. Is there not a code of conduct relating to Councillors?

  4. I am a member of the Earl's Court Society (and not the Malcolm Spalding Appreciation Society) and I am shocked that this has happened. I hope that fellow members will question Cllr. Spalding on his appalling decision and behaviour. A vote of no confidence perhaps?
    Note to the Dame, Cllr. Spalding is on the PLANNING Committee.

  5. Spalding will have to list this on his Members' Interests. Keep an eye on it people!

  6. The Old Seaman was sauntering round the ward during the general election trying to drum up support for the Conservative party, he told one Earls Court resident that he “worked for CapCo” and had “influence with them”.

    There are questions to be answered by Seaman Spalding

    Is he being paid by CapCo?

    If so, why has he not declared it?

  7. Interesting to note arch Labourite ex-civil servant the Red Baron Nicholas Macpherson nominated the 'conservative' Spalding. Philbeach mafia!

    Dame, Spalding also stood as Lib Dem and lost!

  8. Boycott the shindig, I say... let the deranged seaman sip his champs and feast on classy canapes by himself. Now is the time for all good men to boycott the event', as the saying goes...

  9. Can't see Spalding and Aouane staying on in 2018 hear from friends living in the area about the dust coming from the building site, the post office gone replaced by bakery Paul and small businesses having to shut up shop replaced by estate agents or left empty.

    The Demolishing of Earls Court Exhibition Centre has taken a great toll on Earl Court Road shops and next to no revenue coming in.

    Conservatives losing the Post Office, for my friends, was the last straw.

    The Conservative party wonders why it has to rely on foreign money bags to prop up the party when they turn on their members. Shameful!

  10. This is a rats nest. And a whole community is suffering. Great opportunity for an Independent to raise the flag and start a movement to drive out the vermin.

    Starting with conflicted Spalding.

  11. Cllr Spalding is one of Cllr Paget Brown's chosen ones. Sent down to sit on the Board of the Westway Trust and do the Council's dirty work in North Kensington. Vile man making profit from a vile organisation!

  12. In Cllr Balding's residence Philbeach gardens have Christmas trees on their lamposts. Who paid for these Cllr Spalding? CapCo?

  13. Dame, was it wise for our MP Victoria Borwick to attend Earls Court Society's Christmas party when it was sponsored by Capco & Urbanista?

  14. Not exactly working on behalf of the residents he preports to represent. What a joke .

  15. Nose in trough!


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