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Monday, 19 December 2016


How ridiculous and underhand of the Council to start a consultation process just days before Christmas.
A sharp-eyed reader tells the Dame that the Council is trying to move the street cleaning facility from the Clearings luxury development site on to the Wiltshire Close Housing Estate.
If they get away with it will mean a huge return and for ground floor residents of Wiltshire Close a bird's eye view of a 24/7 rubbish facility.

This was the original plan as part of the Clearings redevelopment: (from the planning report)
  • PROPOSAL: Demolition of Clearings 1 & 2, Leverett Street and Denyer Street depot
(collectively known as Clearings site), redevelopment to provide 69 residential units
comprising 62 apartments and 7 town houses, with ancillary facilities for residents,
basement car parking, landscaping, and walkway between Mossop Street and Denyer
Street and a replacement RBKC street cleaning facility on part of depot site.

More details of the new cleaning depot from the planning report:
  • New Council street cleaning depot, which includes a covered storage yard
and 543sqm office/support accommodation provided within a three storey
building between the new Denyer Street townhouses and the Baker and Spice cafe. There is no basement in this part of the site

These are the details of the upcoming exhibition this Wednesday 21st. It would be good if as many people as possible could attend:

URGENT: Re. Street-Cleaning facility planned for Wiltshire Close:
 An exhibition will be held on Wed 21st Dec 3-7pm at Marlborough Interim School main hall regarding the Council's plans to move the street cleaning facility to Wiltshire Close.
This was NOT part of the original plans, they were to go on the Clearings luxury development site.

From the plans it appears some of the apartment windows on the ground floor will look directly onto the shed (see pic)

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  1. In their 01/16 planning report McGrove (Clearings developers) stated:

    "We are working with Kensington and Chelsea to see if we can agree a relocation of the recycling Depot so that it will not remain on this site."

    One wonders how much ££££ is involved!

  2. The Garbagegate Fairy19 December 2016 at 18:30

    Residents cannot possibly be surprised at RBKC's waste and cleansing services. The service has been structurally criminally* unlawful for 20 years.

    The criminality* centres round the fact that despite having 30,000 businesses, RBKC has only 3,400 commercial waste contracts. So residents are made to pay for tens of thousands of tonnes a year of commercial waste. This is not just unlawful; it's criminal.

    A few years ago £728,000 of RBKC's residents' funds were given away to sweep matters under the carpet. An RBKC officer was "punished" with early retirement plus another £250,000 of residents' funds, to encourage silence.

    Recently RBKC residents objected to the district auditor about these issues. His response was to threaten the residents with criminal prosecution. Since then the Town Clerk, nice Mr Holgate, has given the district auditor a further £15,000 of residents' funds.

  3. It is very sad that it takes a 'sharp eyed reader' to alert us to this event. It shows how underhanded RBKC is in making sure that these matters are disclosed at the most inconvenient time and place to most of us....

  4. The Garbagegate Fairy20 December 2016 at 12:41

    RBKC's recycling is as dubious as the rest of its waste management.

    Everywhere else in the UK firms pay councils to deliver their recycling. Not here of course. RBKC signed a contract costing residents millions of pounds a year for a service that elsewhere is profitable. Other boroughs in central London are caught up in the same racket.

    Recycling is so profitable, some waste firms send trucks into the rotten borough to grab valuable bags of discarded glass from our streets. This operation seems to be run by RBKC's contractors. Maybe RBKC believes we should be grateful, because the stolen glass actually saves us money! It's totally illegal of course.

    1. Sainsburys glass recycling run by Biffa is always full and never seems to be picked up

  5. The Council is misleading residents yet today's con-sultation, they were told that there was a sudden and urgent need for a street cleaning facility due to Denyer Street depot closing and that Wiltshire Close was absolutely the ONLY place it could go. Residents demanded to know why it would no longer be sited on the Clearings development as always planned, only to be told condescendingly that "The Council has changed its mind". The Corporate Property officer in question refused to divulge any details of the new deal with developers, or to name the Councillors involved, further angering the gathering. It appears that the Council has lifted up its skirts yet again...

  6. The Garbagegate Fairy22 December 2016 at 19:30

    This is hardly a festive subject, but one notes that RBKC distributes 1 recycling bag for every 4 green domestic waste bags. The significance of this is that all green bags are burned. RBKC doubtless encourages the burning of recyclable waste to save some of the money it's contracted to pay the WRWA rip-off recycling plant. Unfortunately this also adds to climate change.

    Meanwhile, for a fraction of RBKC's residents' waste costs, small waste firms routinely recycle all their waste - saving both money and the planet.

    For 20 years RBKC has been caught up in a racket so huge, it's seemed incapable of addressing it. Instead it's spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of residents' funds in failed attempts to cover it up. It's high time all these related issues were brought within the UK's legal framework.

  7. It's true. RBKC rations residents' recycling bags. It's an attempt to save on the WRWA's extortionate recycling fees. This week a resident requested recycling bags at the Council's market office. A single pack of bags was produced. This explains why each year RBKC's recycling rate goes down. This may not seem a big deal, but over the years it's cost us millions. So who signed the recycling contract? What does it cost? And how long is it?


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