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Thursday, 15 December 2016


Someone asked the Dame, "Dame, for whom is Transport for London run?'
The mischievous old thing immediately replied, "well, Cllr Moylan has done very well out of it in years past".

But, on a less frivolous note. TfL proposes to alter the bus routes running along Oxford Street, as was briefly mentioned in the Evening Standard on 26 Nov

Maps on the consultation website below show that TfL proposes to terminate the eastbound 23 bus at Lancaster Gate and extend it north to Wembley! 
TfL claims that this will restore its reliability!  

Thus, residents will no longer be able to take a bus from Westbourne Grove to Oxford Street, or through the West End via Oxford Circus to Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross and St Paul’s etc. There are also proposed changes to other bus services, such as the 452.

We are all very busy right now, but losing the 23 will have a huge impact on RBKC residents. So please make time for this consultation. Please follow this link. 


  1. High class and accessible public transport is a necessity in 21st century London. Oxford Street and Holborn etc. are chaos and must be sorted out. But the arbitrary exclusion of ordinary Londoners from the centre of their own city is not the answer.

    The new plan for the 23 will mean that those unable to afford a taxi will be excluded from St Mary's Paddington and the station. It's proposed that the bus will stop at Lancaster Gate, a junction already choked by the new bicycle lane!

    It's clear that the 23 should turn at Marble Arch, with a constant hop on-hop off electric transport service along Oxford Street. Then Londoners will be able to access the stores or connect with other buses services from Oxford Circus or Tottenham Ct Rd. Without this, Londoners will be excluded from Oxford Street. London transport must work for Londoners.

    1. it will go past paddington before stopping at lancaster gate

  2. The fools long since axed the only bus (No. 30) that directly linked Earl's Court via Piccadilly, Fleet St and The City to Hackney, carrying 20,000 plus passengers a day.

  3. Apparently few people use the 23 till it gets to Paddington. North Kensington already has limited access to public transport. This will make matters worse.

    The proposed withdrawal of the 23 is due to the fact that in the last 5 years, the population of the rotten borough has reduced from 181,000 to only 157,000. There are thousands of empty homes. The rest of London has a rapidly rising population, while RBKC is the only borough in the south of England with a reducing population.

    Another consequence of council sponsored depopulation is that the existence of the local parliamentary constituency is also under threat.

  4. Indeed, the population of not only North Kensington but also the rest of the Borough is reducing; sadly due to the rising costs of living in it.... Yet, the number of 'luxury', please note 'luxury' apartments is increasing. Hardly places for front-line employees, who will be living in the sticks and unable to attend quickly in case of serious disturbance/attack, which are more likely than ever...
    In respect of 23, this will remain a mess until the pedestrianization of Oxford street is resolved... don't worry, because when this happens, it will be the end of the World anyway..let's rejoice in these sad days..

  5. Cheer up! This is about the future of the 23 bus, not the future of western civilisation.

    If TfL or whoever manages this, removes all ground level public transport from Oxford Street, it's doubtful if the stores will survive; never mind flourish. The West End needs Londoners; not just tourists.

    A middle course might be a single, frequent, tram or trolley bus service running along the middle of Oxford Street from Marble Arch to Tottenham Ct Rd, with no more than 3 stops along the way. Otherwise, we may all end up at the ghastly, vulgar Westfield.

  6. Obviously the answer is to stop the 23 at Marble Arch, install a two-way tram service along the middle of Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Road and pedestrianise the rest of the street. Simples!


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