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Friday, 9 December 2016


Street cleaning in the Royal Borough is efficiently done. 
The cleaning teams are dedicated and hardworking.
When the Dame is told an ex-ambassador/cleaner is constantly littering our streets the old thing bridles. 

A reader has just sent the Dame a picture of a vast pile of unsorted rubbish dumped on a Knightsbridge street. 
It was on an incorrect day, with no attempt to properly bag it or recycle it.
Step forward Miss Ana Delgado, a Panamanian lawyer, and, until recently, her country's ambassador to the UK.
This was her very lame excuse considering it has been happening frequently. This was her last excuse....
Dear Mr. *******
I have already took attention to the matter and spoke to the Council of Kensington and Chelsea 2 days ago. (No, she did not so it lends credence to ambassadors being sent abroad to lie on behalf of their country)
I apologize for inconvenience. I am currently outside London and it was a mistake made by new cleaner who was not aware of rules.
This won’t happen again,

Ana Irene Delgado

You would expect Miss Delgado to ensure her cleaner(if she did?) had instructions about when to put out rubbish..... but maybe, Her (Ex) Excellency doesn't believe the rules apply to her.
Fortunately, a civic-minded fellow resident bought it back off the street and pushed it into the ex- ambassador's flat entrance.


Miss Delgado needs to understand what might be acceptable in Panama City is illegal and unacceptable in the Royal Borough of K&C

It's time neighbours and the Council had a few words with this selfish woman. 
For an ex-ambassador, to behave as she has is unforgivable.
Being a 'hot shot' lawyer she will probably try to sue the old Dame. Good luck with that one, dear!

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