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Thursday, 22 December 2016


Sometimes one despairs of Cllr Tim Ahern and fellow Irishman, 'Fizzy' Fitzpatrick of the £500,000 a year Council PR department.
Read it HERE and the comments which pour scorn on RBKC.
In an effort to stop the dangerous and noisy Middle Eastern supercar drivers the ludicrous Public Space Protection Order was implemented. 
Has it succeeded? Of course not.
How do we know? Because Ahern and Fitzpatrick have boastfully announced that they have caught and prosecuted three miscreants. 
So where do these billionaire oil magnates come from?
Well, one comes from a run down area of Sheffield 
The Sheffield Supercar driver's home!
and another from that "Dubai of the Home Counties," Bedford.
The real culprits, in their £350,000 plus Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, get off scot-free because their Arabic number plates are indecipherable. 
They still tear down Knightsbridge, Brompton Rd, Sloane and Pont Street at speeds in excess of 80 MPH untroubled by the police or the council.
In any case, the Council has no intention of pissing off the Qatari's and other Middle Easterner's who more or less own the Royal Borough: these drivers are the root cause of the trouble.
Ahern, don't take residents for idiots. 
You have done nothing to alleviate a continuing problem.
Prosecuting a couple of provincial hicks in tuned up junk heaps convinces nobody.
If you can't do your job properly....step aside!


  1. What a waste of time and effort! The three drivers are just scapegoats for the real thing. Anyone living in the area knows exactly who the culprits are.

  2. Yes, indeed we all know... I cannot see where it is the PR department's job to chase after speeding cars? Don't we have the meter hyenas and others? Speeding is a job for the POLICE not for RBKC clerks - please note.
    Frankly, there is very little that can be done with these extremely rich youngsters from the Gulf. The licence plate is indecipherable, insurance non existent and driving licence? Most probably from Qatar not in UK's jurisdiction. International licence may be better, not not required.
    So, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. Just take these nice peoples money and hope that they will all be gone back to warmer climes by Xmas, having air freighted their cars... As far as for the Gulf Caravanseria that will be around for a while yet... welcome them in 2017...

  3. Ahern does nothing about anything! He simply takes his council fees and ignores both residents and their concerns.

  4. Cllr Ahern has lost interest in the Council. To all intents and purposes, the Irishman has taken early retirement on full pay.

    Boy racers can spin their wheels with safety on Tim's watch.

  5. Ahern used to be able to draw divi's from his ex wife's company. Now he is no longer connected he is a bit income light. Still, his wife makes a bit. Call it the luck of the Oirish, which he shares with Danny Boys Moylan


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