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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Sometimes a good local cause springs out at you......

The Kensington Borough Football Club was started in 2012.
It gives young a people in the Borough a chance to learn teamwork and become ambitious to achieve good life goals.
The Dame has pledged part of her Winter Fuel allowance to help the team hit their target of £14,000. Having reached £10,225 it's highly achievable.
So, if you love the old Dame please join with her and 'take the Pledge'!

We have over 26 players aged from 17 to 25 years old. We have raised £10,225 to date and we need more people to pledge, please do send the link to your friends and colleagues 
We have until December 16th 2016 to raise over £14,000 to pledge to this project, visit our Spacehive project page:
The latest crowdfunding project has arrived in Kensington and Chelsea with the opportunity to enable a community run football team to compete in a semi-professional league and to hold a community football tournament for young people in the borough.
Established in 2012, Kensington Boroughs FC was set up to engage and support young people in Kensington and Chelsea into sports, helping them to develop teamwork, discipline, build aspiration and focus them away from crime and anti-social behaviour.
The Green Army have excelled through the seasons and are now playing in the Semi Professional Division 1 of the South Midlands Spartans Football League.

In order to help them to continue their participation, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover costs of pitch hire, league entry and travel costs so the team can continue to compete.  A celebratory football tournament at the end of the season, to scout new players and involve in the entire community has also been lined up.
Making Communities Work and Grow (MCWG), a long-established community organisation in North Kensington have been at the helm of this football club, recognising the many obstacles young people face in their community.  The project lead and coordinator of Kensington Borough FC, Ahmed Bhairien of MCWG said: ‘We set up Kensington Borough to open doors for disadvantaged young people from a variety of backgrounds.  This community led football team needs your support to continue to give them focus and aspiration.  Your support will help recognise their achievements and enable the club to carry on inspiring young people through sport’.


  1. Excellent initiative, well done Dame Hornet. If we all give what we can spare, they will soon meet their target.

  2. Has the Council contributed any funds to this worthy project. Money is generally available for 'Community' lead projects.

  3. It's all gone on the Islamic Festival


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