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Thursday, 15 December 2016


Mr Martin of Martin's Properties should know the importance small business to the life of a community:after all, the Dame remembers when she would demand dear old Mr Martin come fix her Art Deco radiogram. 

.......Mr Martin's son has come a long way from those humble roots with the King's Rd electrical shop and now has built up a proper little property empire, via working for the dreaded Affinity Sutton!

The statutory demand to build more homes in London is excellent news for developers, allowing them to dress up their basement-digging as a social good. 

Rolfe-Judd, is acting on behalf of Martin's Properties which has been given the green light by RBKC's planning officers to cleanse four small businesses from Old Church Street, Chelsea. In getting rid of these businesses it cites "the urgent need for more homes" to justify this loss of local firms. 

The London Plan sets a target of 733 units to be built in RBKC, as the Rolfe-Judd's Planning Statement for 26-30 Old Church Street states (p.16). However, whether the two four-storey townhouses that are being proposed to replace the businesses will indeed 'provide a real choice for Londoners in ways that meet their needs at a price they can afford' is somewhat questionable - given that one four-storey house in the street is currently on sale for £19,750,000!

The Planning Committee will consider Martin's application on Tuesday. 

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