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Monday, 22 February 2016


Dear Dame,
I know you are very grand and very Chelsea, but could you cast your astringent gaze to the north of the Borough from time to time? Especially at the sterling work of Henry Peterson of the St Helens Residents Assoc.The association has developed a neighbourhood plan, which we are voting on in a referendum to accept/reject on Thursday.
This referendum will hopefully keep the developers away from The Bowling Club and Nursery Lane site. LINK
The Legarde family who own the Nursery Lane Site have launched a Judicial review of the Councils decision to accept the adjudicators recommendations giving it Green space classification and stopping them building 20 luxury houses (at 3 million a pop) on the site.
You were talking about Decaux recently...well, they built that ugly illuminated advertising tower on Westway Trust land. The council promised residents they would rescind the planning permission after 5 years. But surprise, surprise, it is still there. I wonder why?.
Also, the Councils Parking Office has been caught with their pants down. Despite the policy of not giving new build residents parking permits, it seems that they have been giving them out and will have the cancel them, especially in regard to the development on the old Princess Louise site. Something like 120 have been given out by “mistake” .
Yours faithfully

D. Scrubber


  1. Best of luck to Henry Peterson and his neighbourhood on Thursday . An immense amount of work has gone into constructing that plan , and into seeing it past the various hurdles . We need more local heroes like Henry ! Your fellow residents associations are rooting for you !

  2. Kerr M'Udgeon23 February 2016 at 11:40

    Let's hope St Helen's are in the vanguard of protecting the interests of North Kensington -- next target the Westway Trust and the charmless McConville's attacks on the community she purports to serve

  3. There's far worse than being charmless. At a recent public meeting she claimed the Westway Trust can act as if the chairman had not adjourned the last AGM. Member organisations had refused to agree the minutes, because the Trust miscounted their votes.

    Because; eventually the Westway will be demolished and placed in a tunnel. The resulting land is worth billions. The Trustees are less than untrustworthy.

    What goes on in N. Kensington no longer stays in N. Kensington, thanks in large part to the Dame and her great work.

  4. InformedNortherner24 February 2016 at 11:27

    McConville might have to face the music sooner rather than later, as the higher echelons of RBKC - one of the more Rotten Boroughs, face the prospect of having their grubby collars felt ...

  5. Congratulations to Henry Peterson and his team on an excellent result.


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