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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


There is a certain type of paternally enriched, but common, American, who comes to the Royal Borough hoping to make the great 'social leap' and mix with the likes of the Dame, "Nearly Lord" Sir Pooter Cockell and Cllr Dan Dan Moylan.

Often, they take up polo and politics and act very 'high falutin'. 

Yes, the Dame is talking about the awful Cllr Andrew Rinka!

The Dame will be having a word with Milord Salisbury in case Rinka tries to inveigle his way into a weekend at Hatfield.
But what we all need to know is whether Cllr Rinka has any connection with Rinka, the Great Dane, who met, on the orders of Jeremy Thorpe, a brutal end on Dartmoor.

Anyway, the other day, a well-known local sat next to Rinka and reported the below to the Dame.....
What on earth would some hick lawyer from Louisiana know about Victorian architecture?

Dear Dame
The ridiculously pompous Conservative Councillor Rinka said that he had been round the Sutton Estate and that the residents treat the gardens as a rubbish dump. "They just dump their rubbish in the garden and make the place look like a tip." 
He also added that the site was so run down and of no architectural value and that it needed to be redeveloped.  

When he was challenged by a local resident who pointed out that it was Affinity Sutton that had run the place down and it was they, not the residents, who were responsible for the condition of the estate all he could say was to mumble "I've been round there several times."  

Apart from the impropriety of a Councillor making his views known before his officers have considered the application, I can't understand why he would support taking an asset for the poor and working people of Chelsea to give it to overseas investors; but maybe this is normal for Americans desperately looking to be accepted in London.


  1. I've never seen rubbish on Sutton Estate if anything I see more rubbish around RBKC on King's road and Kensington High Street, a lot of builder rubbish too. Going through Earls Court the cars are covered in dust from CapCo/Keltbray demolishers, but Sutton estate is probably one of the cleanest and tidiest areas of the borough.

    Ain't no doubt

  2. F of back to New Orleans, Rinker. And who has a weird name like Rinker.

    1. I prefer the look of the doggie

    2. Rinka NOT Rinker, which is even more weird...God only knows his pedigree....:-(

  3. It was clear from day one that this Yankee is a jerk. We need to be told who put him on the list to stand as a Tory councillor.

    Quent the Gent is one thing. But Rinka is in a totally different dimension of misjudgement and abuse of patronage.

    Did he pay someone off? Or does he have pictures?

  4. 'Monty' Lamont3 February 2016 at 23:02

    He gave a donation to the local association and squashed out much better candidates for RH Ward.

  5. Is it rinker or ***ker

  6. I believe the residents got an award from the RHS for their Community Garden.ABF the Soldiers charity,used the Sutton Estate Community Garden as a great example of a Community should be. Rinker -shouldve gone to specsavers

  7. The garden in the estate was reclaimed by the residents after 15 years of neglect. So good to see a local councillor applauding Community led initiatives-which work despite receiving zero funding from RBKC.

  8. Didn't the Victorian Society write a piece on the beauty of the Architecture of the Sutton Estate .

  9. Councillor Rinka -who ? If he went round the Sutton Estate he must've done it in a balaclava or wore a disguise or something.

  10. He looks like he sat on something

  11. Good to see he's taking a balanced view on this one . If this is his position and he sits on the major planning committee, then it's patently obvious this man's stance is being motivated by other factors.

  12. He looks like 'big al' in Happy Days. The owner of the burger bar, are they related?

  13. Has Andy got a time coded picture of himself amongst all the 'rubbish 'on the Sutton Estate . Surely if it's so bad ,he should have called in Environmental Health to deal with the problem. Enough said. Try again you ol rinker you !

  14. Tim Coleridge called his opponents rich and foreign in the FT - and therefore to be ignored. So how did a rich American get selected by Royal Hospital ward? Surely Tim should get rid of him as he is rich and foreign?

  15. Um he may well have been rude about the estate, but Rinker is NOT on the Planning committee.

  16. But aren't we supposed to be aping the American Way? Where anyone can be President and if one works hard enough one will become a billionaire? Which is why so many low income American women are living in luxury and running for the presidency.

    The thing about the American Dream is that you have to be fast asleep to have it.

    This oaf simply knows as a goshdarnit fact that people living in social housing are scum, and lets be honest, so do his Conservative pals. He's simple enough to just say it out loud.


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