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Friday, 12 February 2016


For Londoners, whether Earls Court residents, or cyclists, Kelbray are a menace. 
How often to we read of Kelbray lorries in fatal or near-fatal accidents with cyclists? 
Now we read they are they are making a misery of the lives of residents as they wreck the Exhibition Centre.
Clearly, Keltbray has friends in very high places....

Dear Dame
Last week on Wednesday Earls Court residents returning home from work found their cars, street, front porches and back gardens covered in a blanket of dust.  Residents homes of Philbeach Gardens and Eardley Crescent are the worst affected with a blanket of dust from Earls Court Exhibition Centre by the developer's demolishers Keltbray.  It is not clear what the dust is and many fear it is asbestos!

After a week the dust has not dissipated even after heavy and remains on the road, pavement, on cars and residents' front doors and basements.

Residents were promised that their lives would not be oaffected by the demolishing of Earls Court, but this has not been so. From the 14th December 2014 residents have had their homes shaken by drilling and dropping of items from a great height as well as noise from 8 am till 6 pm Monday till Saturday.  The noise is so bad it can be heard in the Boltons, Collingham and even Gloucester road.  Debris dust has also hit the back of houses which back on to Earls Court Exhibition Centre.  Over the year work at the Exhibition Centre can also be heard at night.

Keltbray have offered a free car wash voucher to residents which is laughable as a large area of the Earls Court ward is blanketed in dust-which might even be asbestos.

Health and Safety Executive just did a report late last year on Earls Court but refuse to publish it to the public like English Heritage who refused to publish their report on Earls Court when taxpayers have paid for the reports. Why?
London Assembly members Nicky Gavron, Stephen Knight and Darren Johnson wrote to HSE’s Concern and Advisory team on behalf of residents living around Earls Court Exhibition Centre.  Their letter expressed concerns over Earls Court developer Capital & Counties (CapCo) handling of the removal of asbestos from the site as RBKC, Capco and the HSE have “neither published nor given access to the Asbestos Survey and Risk Register to local residents”.
Why are all reports on Earls Court being suppressed if there is nothing to hide?
Once again Cllr Wade has been the only official dealing with this and residents have not heard from HSE, the Council, Spalding or Auoane, why?
Already residents are in a high pollution area with the added dust and possible asbestos there will be a spike in ill health, but who will be held accountable in the end?

Yours faithfully



  1. Cllr Linda Wade has been consistent in her concern and efforts on behalf of residents in raising noise, vibration, dust and asbestos issues from the exhibition centre with RBKC council, Capco & Keltbray. She has even gone on protests! When I have had problems I have contacted Linda Wade and not bothered with the Tory Councillors. She has proper one to one, regular surgeries for residents not an event in a local hotel.

  2. Same here, we contact Cllr Wade she is the only active councillor.

    We still have the dust/asbestos round here on our steps and along the road. The pavements on both sides have been stained by it. No one from Keltbray or CapCo have contacted us to deal with the dust just a voucher for car washing. We don't have a car so why are they no cleaning up their mess?

    This is Boris Johnson's doing and the sooner he is toppled the better for us all and a better London for us all!

    I have never been so sure that Inane and Balding being elected out at the next local election.

  3. It is progress, dear boy. Progress

  4. The whole thing has been corrupt from the very beginning, their 'consultation' process with residents was a complete joke. We have no idea what is in this building site that is putting residents health not just their properties at risk, nor are their own staff probably considered. Earls Court has become a toxic soup to live in, at no point has anyone ever released information about what we are breathing and the long term impact it has on our health, whispers are that cancer rates are higher than average. But what is anyone doing about it....Linda Wade was and is the only Councillor who has been making these greedy creatures accountable, bothering them, the others are utterly useless, unless they are in a hotel. When the new town i.e. Exhibition site is completed we will no doubt have not just pollution to deal with, but flooding, sewerage issues and total and utter gridlock. Where will the egotistical architects and their minions (councillors, planners and RBKC officers be) when this disaster is finished...nowhere to be found. In my experience you never ever give an architect this amount of power over an area because it will be hell for those who live in and around it.

  5. Dear Dame could the health & safety officer, the one that looks over the SS Hornet to ensure the safety of your crew, to ask the Health and Safety Executive why they do not see fit to publish their own report on Earls Court Exhibition Centre and health concerns of the local residents.

  6. Another Saturday morning ruined for Earls Court residents as CapCo's demolishers continue to drill and cause severe vibrations shaking residents' homes.

    The absence of Victoria Borwick doing anything to help secure the health and safety of her constituents is not on her agenda just shows she is like the council whose allegiance is to the developer CapCo (asset strippers) and Keltbray (the cyclist squashers).

    Th only cosilation is the huge drop in CapCo's sharess

  7. I always contact Cllr Wade now - I stopped contacting RBKC or Keltbray, after they dismissed my claims of noise and dust and implying that I am one of only a few residents who complains. Yet here I am sitting watching dust fly into the air, and the floor beneath me shaking and vibrating so much so that I have had to hold onto something a couple of times and of course the constant noise. I think this is when severed sections are dropped instead of being lowered to the ground

  8. Council have not dealt with dust or vibrations by Keltbray; what is Enviromental department & HSE doing? Taxpayers safety and quality of life are at risk here.

    Complaints to CapCo and Keltbray are pointless with complaints not being shared with the Council. Keltbray claim that our gardens are dirty and not from the dust.

    Dame would you be so good as to bring this up with someone of authority. It seems Earls Court residents have fallen off the map, council and councillors seem unwilling to help us.

    The only reasons Balding and Inane have dealt with the dust concerns are local Tory residents have complained to them.

    Why are the council protecting CapCo and Keltbray and refusing to help residents?

    Planning department are not the only department in the pay of developers and construction companies but others are too!


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