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Friday, 12 February 2016


The Dame is all for social mobility: after all, despite her pretensions, she is as common as muck.
So how delighted she is to see fellow social climber, Cllr Danny Boys Moylan, clambering up the greasy social pole. 
The  Brumigen Boy has done well and how he lost his Irish Brum accent is a thing of mystery. His accent is now so cut glass it makes the Queen seem quite common.
But the Dame digresses.....
She has just read the vandals from Paris, JD Decaux, have won a Rotten Borough major advertising contract for bus shelter advertising. 

Why we have to have this dreadful adverting polluting our streets is inexplicable.Someone must be getting a very large brown envelope.
Now, for the next fifteen years, Decaux can put up 80 new bus shelters, including 16 sites already approved, for 84 inch digital screens.
Once thing is for sure, the City of Paris would never allow this junk to pollute the boulevards of Paris.
So what's Danny Boys to do with Decaux? 
The Dame has no idea, so why would he have made us pay for a near £100 breakfast for their oddly named Mr Jean Jean at the Milestone Hotel?


  1. Yesterday I had a close shave with a car on the shared road madness outside Sloane Square underground. One of Moylan's ridiculous fixations. I had hoped we had seen the end of this menace.

  2. Daniel craves a legacy in the Royal Borough. There was a time when he hoped that Exhibition Road would be renamed "Moylan Road" - this was the time when he was given to kissing the Westminster Leader fully on the lips at public functions. Mercifully neither came to fruition

    1. Fly on the Wall
      Young and impressionable folk read the Dame's pondering's.
      The idea of the late, and very effete, Sir Simon having to accommodate Daniel's tobacco smelling tongue in his mouth is too repulsive to even imagine. How he must struggled to take evasive action as Moylan bore down on him, yellowing gnashers in the attack position.

  3. How repulsive...

    Why does local government attract low life types....Pooter, Lamont, Phelps

    1. Why? Nowhere else to go, dear.....

  4. Is Decaux going to be also responsible for posting sex-cards in the Borough's phone boxes?

  5. No, we can ask ex Cllrs Lamont and Phelps to do that

  6. Moylan is a lost soul. By rights, he should have got a seat years ago, By now, judged upon his own assessment of his talents, he should be in the Cabinet.
    Yet, the sad truth is that he gets beaten by Nick Paget-Brown, in alliance with the pathetic Rock Feilding Mellen. Enoch Powell once was quoted as saying. " all political careers end in failure". EP was actually talking about matured careers: our friend, Danny, had a career that had not even taken off. Now, his only hope is that the fatuous Johnson will be in a position to throw him some crumbs from the Downing St table. Both outcomes are implausible.

  7. Some years ago research showed that RBKC paid Decaux at least £30,000 a year for each of their concrete coffins marring our streets; the seldom used and filthy auto loos. Even the most frequented of these eyesores is used only 50 times per 24 hour day. The costs are doubtless far higher these days.

    With bus stop advertising RBKC has given itself another opportunity to shunt yet more of our cash in Decaux's direction. This is simply a racket, added to all the other rackets constituting the rottenest of rotten boroughs.


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