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Friday, 26 February 2016


The Dame has focused on the two excellent comments....they would appear to have been written by 'one who knows'......

Bedlam doesn't begin to describe Hornton street, vast amounts of money is being spent on 'intermin' staff who are actually consultants paid £500 plus per day. There has been a culling of high quality operating departments only to be replaced by flailing bureaucrats who don't know what they are doing and costing more than the original departments. Officers who worked pre tri borough who tried to stay but question or challenge the mad decisions that are taking place are pushed out the door usually due to 'issues relating to their performance. Officers that did care eventually left either because they were intimated or saw the complete demolition of quality services they had developed with local residents and Councillors, by creatures who took over from neighbouring boroughs Hammersmith, Westminster, Camden. Anyone with good management experience would have stopped to question why so many senior competent staff who enabled this Borough to become a five star borough for its services were leaving, instead Councillors ignored it. The Tri Borough is costing a fortune, there are loud whispers that monies from Kensington have been used to 'support the transformation' in the other two utterly mismanaged boroughs. Hornton street is now run effectively by Thugs, whilst the Councillors are totally blinded by continual sales pitches, in the old days we used to say that Cockell was the naked emperor, we now have a cabinet of them who are selling out residents and ignoring their duties. The issue is that whilst this is happening someone is paying the price of it and that will be vulnerable residents such as the Major, the family from Colville Square, disabled children and their families (remember the school bus incompetence) and other vulnerable groups, it is a ticking timebomb that responsible Councillors will eventually be forced to face as it blows up in their face. But they cannot say they haven't been warned.
  1. Tri-borough was an act of wanton vandalism by two vain men (Cockell and Myers) seeking glory. An expensive mistake, it has cost residents dearly in terms of services and many worthy officers (mostly K&C) their jobs.

    RBKC has been used to prop up the failing management and finances of the other two councils (particularly Hammersmith and Fulham which still manages to return a massive annual loss). In return, the influx of H&F officers to Hornton Street with their attendant poor standards and bullying culture has ‘transformed’ K&C council from five-star to second-rate.

    If only it had achieved attention in the national press.

    Too late now though. As we blog it’s being ushered out the back door quietly. Privately acknowledged as a disaster, the ‘T-word’ is now banned in most communications.


  1. Retired Chief Executive27 February 2016 at 07:12

    If this is true about the state of affairs then Cllr Paget-Brown, the current Leader, needs to make a plan. The longer he leaves things the more difficult it will be to recover the situation.

  2. Unfortunately this has happened right under PB reign, he hasn't smelt any of the rats right under his nose who have lied about what is happening and created an illusion that it's all in the name of transformation. He needs to get a grip, speak to some of the older officers who have left to find out the truth, they will be easy to contact because other local authorities snatched them up due to their expertise! That's of course if he really wants to do something other than a church hall roadshow with staged questions for residents.

  3. Indeed... How many 'REAL' people ever attend these 'Chats with Nick'?

  4. I attended one once. If a resident asked a pertinent question, NPB's "minders" instantly hushed them up and the charade moved on.


  5. Which confirms that not only has he no idea what's actually happening, he now chooses to ignore it. A disgrace, considering how hopeful residents were that he could bring about real, transparent change for residents. Instead he is responsible for the eradication of good services and a council infrastructure that was the envy of the country. Of course the excuse will be lack of funds but the truth is they are paying more for their 'interim' staff who are in fact consultants earning £500 plus per day. They cannot recruit experienced people to do the job properly. Hornton street is a consultants heaven.


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