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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Are there any English at Eton now? They all seem the offspring of mysterious international billionaires with colourful sounding names and even more colourful backgrounds?
Rocky's Place

No wonder the Dame's impoverished, idiot nephew, Ludo Ormerod-Maltravers was turned away.

One colourful Balkan OE and friend of Dave Cameron is Chris 'Rocky' Rokos. Rocky has made billions out of hedging his bets. Besides using his fortune to fund Dave, Rocky bought a £18 million hotel in Notting Hill. The plan was to convert it into a fifty bedroom 'superhome' with many, many basements. It's all HERE
Anyway, Mr Stallwood was having none of it and said, "NO"!
Undeterred, 'Rocky' applied to have the building converted to flats: again Stallwood said an even firmer, "NO".
Rocky pours millions into the Conservative Party and is a member of Dave's 'Leader's Forum'. He is not happy.....
Well done, the Council for blocking Rocky, but there may be a price to pay......


  1. Ludo was turned away from Eton for the same reason that Inspector Clouseau failed to achieve his anticipated birthright of a place there - he is/was too thick even for that institution. BTW where was Clouseau "educated"?

  2. Ludo says he was hung over when he took the Common Entrance exam. Had he not been, he claims, it would have been a 'cinch'

  3. The Planning Department has done it's duty. Let bonfires of celebration be lit the length and breadth of the land! Church bells will chime the wonder of this moment!

    While this is gratifying news, in the light of past experience, it's advisable to reserve judgement for a good while yet.

  4. We know Clouseau went to Brunel "University" - but where was he schooled? Was he actually schooled at all, given all his questionable character and relationship problems? Did he instead have a governess or a tutor?


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