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Thursday, 20 August 2015


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The Dame is heartily fed up with residents complaining "the Council never listens to us".
They forget they 'own' the Council. 
If they don't like it riding roughshod over them they have an opportunity, every few years, to do something about it.
So, stop whining and do what Jane Solomon has done...FIGHT BACK!

Jane, with precious few resources, discovered Nicholas Holgate, the K&C Town Clerk, has, in a letter to the admirable Greg Hands,made blatantly incorrect statements. 
The Dame will wash
out Mr Holgate's mouth with soapy water!

If there was any point Holgate should be reported to the Local Government Ombudsman.

In fighting to save the wonderful Victorian Marlborough Primary School Jane has had nil support from councillors and even less from residents associations. 
The Chelsea Society, which should have led from the front on this has, as usual, been dormouse like.
But then, with so much vested property interests involved in its management that's no surprise.

In this INTERVIEW  Jane, with great verve, determination and skill, lays into those on the Council who have lied through their back teeth. 

It's about time the Council was forced to help fund campaigns such as these. 
The Marlborough School campaigners are fighting with their hands tied behind their backs.

Do watch the INTERVIEW :it's an object lesson in a  resident facing down a dishonest council.


  1. Come on Dame, don't be unkind to the nice Mr Holgate. You couldn't hope to find a more agreeable or gentler public officer, dedicated to the role of being a minor civil servant, indeed having made a life's career of it. I am sure your readers will agree he earns every penny of his £181,500 basic annual salary, and totally deserves the additional £38,115 employer's pension contribution. He has hallmarks of a someone of impecable focus, and demonstrates fierce loyalty to his senior officers, being unshiftable in the face of the most compelling evidence and regardless of colleagues' incompetence (or worse). By no means the worst indulger of the Horton Street gravy train, and a dab hand at his given specialisation (finance). There will be scores of folk who feel we should be grateful to have him, most of whom are on the same payroll. And as for alleging misleading advices from the blessed Nicholas, nothing could be further from the truth: he merely lends his name to what his officers write for him. So, be kind, his gong can't be far off.

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