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Thursday, 6 August 2015


An expert on the Chelsea we  love is Heinz Schumi....

Please watch his's heart rending. WATCH

This is a the problem. When you have a political group as potent as the Conservative things happen that shouldn't: the video graphically illustrates this.

It would be the same were the Conservatives to be replaced by Labour or Lib Dem. 

In days gone by councils worked well because they were well leavened by independent councillors: it's a shame we do not have that brake on the excesses of monopolistic tyranny in K&C.


  1. The video is excellent but out of date.
    Shurely Graham Stallwood and Councillor Coleridge should be added.
    Graham Stallwood, as Head of Development Managament carved those policies that have led to the piece by piece destruction of RBKC, and now as Executive Director, he is intent on not controlling the planning process and effect on residents, and simply complying with the wishes of the Developers to make money at the expense of the unique character of RBKC and those who reside in it.
    Councillor Coleridge, as Cabinet Member for Planning, continues to make excuses as to why Planning can not control the development in this Borough (even though there are existing law and conditions and obligations) that can be imposed.

    We have under Stallwood, witnessed the destruction of another cinema, the Odeon Kensington. Yet again, residents are ignored and the developers make the money.

    How many empty flats can a Borough sustain, before it becomes a dead Borough ...

    1. If Cllr Coleridge has his way, it will only be dead at night. During the day it will be bustling with lots of people in new offices, shops and hospitals, all getting here at high speed through the new Crossrail station. Of course those of us who actually live here will get in the way of all this lovely development, but as our numbers are steadily decreasing the problem will solve itself over the next decade or two.

  2. This short film is brilliant; wittily showing the number of buildings lost to public use and those responsible.

    Many Chelsea houses have additional, unauthorised basement levels. So HS2 tunnelling will doubtless cause some of them to collapse into the pit below.

    There's a sense of biblical doom about this story. Cameron warns the world against London's money laundering industry - a mere 20 years too late. The laundering is largely conducted through the Cayman Islands, BVI and Jersey etc, remnants of the former British Empire.

  3. Stallwood was Bore's protege and is his legacy to the rotten borough. Stallwood was not long in post long before being named as Bore's successor. This travesty is what passes for an selection process for the most sensitive post in Hornton Street.

    RBKC thus continues to keep the developers sweet.

  4. Doubtless a typo. Crossrail2 rather than HS2 will cause Chelsea to fall into the pit.

  5. It sounds as though the "new" Director of Planning, Stallwood, is turning out to be Public Enemy No 1.

  6. He's seriously bad news - a Bore clone!

  7. What is interesting that all these men have the reptilian features so common in those who want to take over this planet...beware.


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