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Thursday, 13 August 2015


When the Dame was a young 'gal', excitedly attending various 'High Society' balls etc, Harrods was a place of elegance and refinement.
No, it pullulates with swarms of grubby, vulgar types more likely seen in the shopping malls of Dubai.

It's become a magnet for all that is so wrong with the London of today. 
Its malign and baleful influence has spread to neighbouring streets. 
Brompton Road and Beauchamp Place, with their stinking kebab outlets, become daily, more like Edgware Road.

Knightsbridge is no longer a civilised place and local councillors have watched its decline with complete insouciance.

This rather sums it up. 
Do click and see if you agree with the snobbish old Dame. CLICK


  1. Fantastic photos! Knightsbridge reduced to a giant bling-and-Dubai sale. Meanwhile, our visionary councillors greedily green-light yet more luxury 'apartments', accessible only to mondo-flash-trash wallets.

  2. Nice pics. Do we find the Dame on one or more of them? I can't see why all those moaners just go to the country for the summer.... All this bling-bling society will be gone by September....I would not mind being driven around Knightsbridge in one of these tin cans by one of the Dohanian studs..... Rather fancy the idea....

  3. Sadly Kensington and Chelsea Conservative councillors argue that the amount of money spent in the borough by these short term visitors is massive and is therefore more important to the economy than the daily amounts of money spent by permanent residents. Therefore it is important to build flats for them to purchase and leave empty most of the year, rather than to build homes for Londoners.

  4. Outraged resident15 August 2015 at 21:47

    Ghastly looking little runts. Heavy cloud but the obligatory dark glasses - they need to think they look the part. Amusing when it is one in a million, but the overwhelming presence is just too awful. The Royal Borough is well and truly stuffed. We might as well go off and bugger badgers.


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