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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


For several years the police have done nothing substantive about the plague of foreign visitors insolently treating our central London roads as racetracks. 
The Met seems to have turned a Nelsonian eye to the appalling behaviour of these anti social brats.
New Arrival!

But the tragic and pointless death of Council gardener, CHRIS JONES amply demonstrates what happens when police resources are diverted from the vital function of controlling speeding in Central London. 

There was a time when pedestrian crossings were sacrosanct: not now, drivers just ignore people crossing, just as they do speed limits.
Why does it take the death of a good man before correct actions are taken?
This tragedy should inspire the new Borough Commander to come down hard on speeding.
The Dame has incessantly asked her to tackle the problem but she seems to move slowly......


  1. A truly tragic business. This story is not about the nationality of the man accused, but the apparent total lack of consideration for public safety implicit in the crash. The photos seem to indicate a level of muscular development associated with steroid use and misuse. The overuse of steroids is reputed to lead to a loss of control and violence. It would be doubly tragic if Mr Jones died a victim of the current fashion for rampant narcissism.

  2. It is very much about the nationality of the man. We have nothing but trouble from Romanians. They should stay in their own hellhole.

  3. Blaming an entire nation for the alleged sins of a single individual is a very dangerous path indeed.

  4. Look. They illegally ran him down .no cops on duty to chase. Austerity measures to blame. Not the whole of Romania, you blinkered twats

    1. Maybe you are the blinkered twat... read this

      Romanians EIGHT times as likely to be jailed here as Britons: Shock new figures show they are worst offenders with 11,000 arrested each year... as foreign nationals fill 1 in 8 UK prison places
      Figures reveal Romanians top league table for foreign inmates jailed in UK
      Statistics will reignite the EU immigration debate as election approaches
      One prisoner in every eight in England and Wales is a foreign national
      Breakdown by nationality shows Romanians, Albanians and Lithuanians are all proportionately far more likely to be imprisoned than Britons

      Gov. Stat....satisfied?

    2. Do you really need to quote from the UKIP manifesto in this blog? The point is to discuss the ineptitude of the borough police resources/commander, not to test your prejudices.

    3. Blinkered Twat....IT'S A GOV STAT....GOT IT?

  5. Good to see the old nazis alive and well in rbkc. He's muscled , from Romania. Let's blame the whole country.

    1. As the Romanians enthusiastically supported the Nazis during the war you may have a point! I can't see, in the story, that the Dame has made any reference to nationality so stop bloody stirring, you politically corect dickhead

  6. Has this chap got something to do with Mr Cockell. I know he had a bentley, was this chap a passenger! Poor Merrick , how will he get around.

  7. Oh dear Mr Cockill. Will this affect my planning application. Has he had a bump on the head. Is his memory ok. I do hope he can remember. And that the brute in the picture hasn't manhandled him in any way. I should like to get my hands on him and teach him a lesson. Does anyone know of a forwarding address for the topless bearded fellow-so I can give him what for !

  8. Before people start launching into the Dame there was no implied connections in her little piece on Romanians and crime, though this country does seem to attract thousands of the 'wrong sort': those not wanted in their homeland.
    One of the dangers is that those like the Dame are over favouring Polish trades people in preference to indigenous trades folk on the basis they are better educated,more skilled and work harder.
    The 'New Arrivals/ might have something to do with the news class of Bentley owners. At one time it was only the likes of social climbers like Milord Cockell who favoured these machines. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry can be a 'Bentley Boy'....including this ghastly looking fellow.


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