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Sunday, 9 August 2015


By Adebanji
Chelsea teems with artistic talent and has always done.
So odd its leadership is hellbent on demolishing our historic 'built' heritage....Sutton Dwellings....Malborough Primary School and the old Town Hall are all under threat or have gone.
The Dame, being somewhat of a patron of the arts-though not on the extravagant scale of Opera Holland Park, has decided to highlight local creative talent.

Capturing Chelsea
And none is more talented than the Dame's very good friend, the delightful and charismatic Adebanji Alade. 
Adebanji particularly excels at capturing the Chelsea we all treasure. 
He also runs a number of drawing classes.

Drawing Class
If you go to his WEBSITE  you will see for yourself the breadth and depth of his talent.
Adebanji has executed commissions for major Chelsea landlords and painted an exquisite rendering of King and Corbin's excellent Le Colbert.

The Dame recently commissioned him to paint her modest abode and was pleasantly surprised at how competitive the price was.

One or two agents are now considering using Adebanji to paint properties they have sold as gifts to the client.

You can contact Adebanji HERE or call him on 07958 790 517


  1. Wonderful art. I hope Adebanji captures the beautiful Marlborough Primary School before Coleridge's wrecking ball pulverises it to dust

  2. Agreed. When the last vestiges of beauty is lost to this rottenest of Rotten Boroughs, the developers and their clients' laundered cash will move on to ruin another great city. Meanwhile certain parties in Hornton Street will have pocketed their suitably substantial commissions. The remaining remnant of the original inhabitants are of no consequence.


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