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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Over the last few years Knighsbridge has been under siege....

At all hours of the day and night supercars race around its streets and squares, causing noise and mayhem.
Brompton Road and Beauchamp Place....once elegant and refined, are now like the worst parts of Edgware Road, with a proliferation of kebab houses and cafe's full of  shisha pipe smoking tourists.

Brompton Rd
The whole area, replete with beggars, has slid down hill. 
The Dame has been approached by the BBC. 
Their plan is to take an in-depth look at the area for BBC Inside Out London. 

The focus is not just on the supercar menace, but generalised anti social behaviour.
The producer, George Henton would very much like to hear from residents.
Serious and sensible programmes such as these help motivate the council and the police.

If you have a view George would like to hear from you. He can be contacted by

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