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Friday, 21 August 2015


Cromwell Road is so badly polluted it dangerously exceeds EU and WHO air quality limits. Yet we all know trees are the 'urban lungs' which help reduce pollution.


The Evening Standard has just reported on the sale of a delightful public right of way in S. Kensington for £200,000.
This charming little lane runs between two rows of houses and is home to three fine specimens of ash, bay and rohinia trees.
They may not be the most perfect of specimens, of the sort found in Kew Gardens, but they give huge pleasure to residents, as well as cleaning up the air.
The Dame doesn't tend to name and shame a mid ranking officer, but she is very cross with this particular tree officer. He claims....

 "The trees are protected due to their location in a designated Conservation area rather than by Tree Preservation Order which would give the Council the opportunity to refuse the works as you have requested."
but goes on to say though not diseased the Council has no objection to the chainsaw being taken to them. 
No one mention of it being Council policy( and that of most responsible landowners) to replace trees chainsawed down. 
Come on, Mr are meant to be protecting and enhancing the treescape! 
You should have strongly recommended replacement and additional planting.
We tell our children to value our environment and the importance of trees and then-so some car obsessed maniac can park his car-recommend these three precious trees be sacrificed. 

Please read about it here and make your comments to the Council. TREE MURDER


  1. For what its worth (nowt, based on recent experience) I have objected to their loss on an aesthetic and environmental basis. The clue is in the job description: 'Tree Preservation Officer." Or are they being sold off like those in Pembridge reportedly were for a vast sum from a developer who deemed ancient trees a nuisance? K&C needs to turn over a new leaf! What short odds might Ladbrokes give me on another K&C volte face, as the majestic plane trees outside Kensington Odeon become 'a nuisance' and fall to the chainsaws?

  2. RBKC's tree preservation officer is believed to lack any qualifications for his job.

  3. How can a public "right of way" be sold?

  4. What are the three local Tory Councillors doing about this? The residents of Earls Court, especially Warwick Road, Philbeach Gardens, Brompton Road etc are having to put up with lorry after lorry trundling down filled with mud and debris from the demolition of the Exhibition Centre, none of which are covered. The muck and dust that is now spread across this area is not only disgraceful its dangerous for vulnerable residents as they are breathing it. The Tory silence regarding all changes that are being foisted on residents in Earls Court is deafening...but then again they are probably waiting to meet residents in the hotel for a drink? This seems to be their preferred way of engaging? They have gained NOTHING from this build for local residents, it will be another empty gated community, they are a disgrace.

    1. The Tory Councillors should be onto this like a rash and kicking up a huge fuss. Are they?

    2. S Kensington is a big area. But if it is Courtfield Ward, then the Ward Councillors are Marshall (polo player), Rutherford (very old, very slow, very dim, but absolutely charming) and Coates (effective on the occasions when he gets going).

      Lets hope that Cllr Coates is merely on holiday and will erupt when he returns.

    3. Angry Resident the Tory councillors are no where to be seen as usual. The behaviour of this middle ranking officer is typical of the tri rather Hammersmith officers now dictating in Hornton Street , whilst the elected councillors sleep through the take over. As for NPB utterly pointless.

  5. Retired Chief Executive22 August 2015 at 09:03

    I do not know Mr Burton. But it sounds to me that this is an occasion when a Line Manager needs to take the pup to one side and do a little bit of management training/mentoring. We all make mistakes which is an essential part of personal development.

    Top marks to the Evening Standard for exposing the nonsense and let us hope that the Leader, Cllr Paget-Brown, keeps an eye on this one and asks the Line Manager responsible what he has done to bring a little enlightenment into the head of Mr Burton

    1. One assumes that Cllr Paget-Brown has any connection or interest with staff in Hornton Street. A rash assumption.

  6. If it is Courtfield ward then there is no hope! MRC are poor councillors

  7. This is a public right of way and it is protected. We should all write in to the council and object to those corporate development.

    1. Why bother? Faced with huge amounts of objections, time after time, the (bull)dozy Planning Committee, led by arrogant decrepit waste-of-space Warwick tosses these aside as one might bin junk mail

  8. So true and the officers are worse than unless too. It should not be a job for life.


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