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Thursday, 16 April 2015


Some weeks ago the old Dame asked constituents to submit questions to PPC's on various issues....local and national.
It was the Dame's sad effort to create a sort of on line hustings.

She has taken advice and, as a result, has decided that this could lead to issues vis a vis the electoral rules. For that reason she has decided to keep her nose out of the upcoming General Elections.

She would like to thank Robin McGhee(Lib Dem) Rod Abouharb(Labour) and Victoria Borwick(Conservative) for giving up their time.
As for the others... not a word from UKIP; the Green Party and the other one whose name escapes her.
The Dame was extremely impressed by the three candidates she had the pleasure of meeting and whichever wins the day will do a good job.

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  1. The Dame has nothing to apologise for. The community owes her a thousand votes of thanks for her magnificent work. The Dame has moved mountains for us all.


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