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Wednesday, 8 April 2015


So the age old military joke about quartermaster's being rich men may have a grain of truth.

The Dame would like more information about the story below taken from Armed Forces blogs. You can read it HERE

The question needs to be asked, "Did the Royal Hospital's Governor know about this serious incident and was Hickling exonerated?" 
Residents loyal to the RH need to know.
Some of the the bloggers even composed rude odes to the odious man!

Col Hickling is in day to day charge of the Royal Hospital.
In his role he is supposed to be the 'face' of the Royal Hospital...he isn't doing a very good job of it!
Residents understandably furious about Nicholas Candy obscuring their light and views have written to Hickling asking for his help; the rude fellow can't even be bothered to respond. 
So much for being friendly to these natives though he seems to have been much friendlier to others.....

Click to enlarge

"Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Hickling of the Royal Corps of Signals has been suspended as the armyĆ¢ director of rugby after he admitted taking inappropriate payments of up to £1,000 from serving soldiers. 

This is categorical proof the the Army are not playing on a level playing field, suspend any players immediately who are linked with this and it will probably decimate the army team for Saturday of its foreign legion and more.
Hope Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Hickling is thrown out without pension and banned from involvement with rugby for life, sponging tosser."


  1. This story, if true, is quite extraordinary. Did the Royal Hospital check the guy out?

  2. Just another case of the MOD trying to hush up their mistakes. I wonder how much he is charging the pensioners for their food and lodging?

  3. The Dame hears that Hickling is litigious. The Dame has everybody under the sun threatening her with dire legal come on Lt your damndest and seek a retraction.

  4. Maybe the Dame would like to keep Hickling's fellow signallers abreast on what he has been up to lately.


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