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Thursday, 16 April 2015


The Dame is a fan of Cllr Paget-Brown......
She hopes he will harken to her words of advice....
The scenes outside the Town Hall during the petition handover could and should have been avoided......
Westway Trust, under the inept leadership of Angela McConville, is damaging the reputation of the Council.

This blundering and hopeless woman alienates all classes of voter, irrespective of their political views. 
The Dame sees more trouble ahead. It requires the emollient touch of the leader to pour oil on very troubled waters...
A sensible first step would be to get rid of that icon of contemporary vulgarity:the personal number plated Bentley...bought and so beloved by the awful Cockell!

The next would be to de-weaponise the awful McConville.


  1. Looks like good democratic stuff to me. Turn out, protests, points made. Presumably the Ward Councillors are on top of it all and know what is going on

  2. Would the new Mayor make a fuss if the Bentley is scrapped?

    1. The Bentley, Holland Park Opera, the Mayor's Parlour, purchasing expensive art all part of this Council protecting privilege. They really do despise poor people!
      Trouble is RBKC have got too greedy and taking away what is precious to people in North Kensington will be their undoing.
      Predict Rock Feilding Mellen is going to be exposed as nothing but a rabid social cleanser. Sooner Nick P-G gets shot of this nasty bit of work the better.

    2. North Kensington Resident17 April 2015 at 08:46


  3. A banner bearing the legend "The Council despises poor people" was elegantly draped over the mayor's Bentley. A wonderful sight, but it scared the wits out of Councillor Ahern, who ran back inside the building.

    The Town Hall security detail immediately sprang into action to protect delicate Tory ears from a superb demonstration of drumming that was undoubtedly the best music heard inside the building for years.

    The security men stood throughout the meeting keeping a close eye on a dangerous group of protesters who had brought a petition against the closure of a nursery school to their own Town Hall. This in a borough with £280 million of residents' funds sitting in reserves. The security guards were doubtless on double overtime at public expense.

  4. It was a glorious moment. The quality of the heckling was magnificent. The Labour group on great form. The Tories all looked as if they'd rather be anywhere but in the council chamber - as well they might! This is a nursery for the tiny children of some of the poorest people in London. RBKC intends to shut it; leaving mothers with a couple of other kids in tow, having to get them to and from their own schools, traipsing at least 1km twice a day in all weathers from the far side of Ladbroke Grove to an overcrowded alternative site site in Bevigton Road, simply to receive a service they've enjoyed on their doorstep for years. All other children's services will be scattered across the borough - as far away as possible from the poor. For them it's not a cab, but waiting in the rain for public transport. Maxilla could be rebuilt, but the Council refuses. This, on the lie of needing to economise, when RBKC SITS MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A BILLION POUNDS OF OUR MONEY!

    Everyone knows this is part of the plan to force the poor out of N. Kensington. It's the Westway, the stables, life itself! It's truly sickening. And the Tories are just waking up to the fact that residents of all social backgrounds know exactly what's going on. In the polling booth, residents will do well to remember both Maxilla and the basements.

  5. The Borough is being refreshed. Undesirables are being moved on. A general improvement is taking place. Long overdue.

    1. where are 'undesirables' being moved on to?
      'undesirables' being a subjective term, you will be one, to many. when is it your turn to be 'moved on'?

    2. By "undesirables" Clouseau means anyone who is poor, ethnic minority, lives in social housing or who votes Labour, Lib Dem or Green.

  6. 8:49 perfectly sums up current senior RBKC Tory ideology in one short sentence.

    1. We know who they are. Unfortunately they never know who they are

  7. There's always a small minority of people keen to blame the disappointments of their sad little lives on the poor and the foreign-born. Fortunately the vast majority of Brits continue to reject such neo-fascist thinking.

    When London rids itself of it's last poor and foreign citizens, who will be left to clean the floors and serve the canap├ęs of the rich?

    1. Don't worry your tiny brain, Midas. Still plenty of working folk in Hammersmith to tend to the needs of Kensington and Chelsea.

    2. Don't be fatuous. Idiots like you have ruined the Conservative Party.

  8. With respect Dame you are continually asking for Nicks 'Emollient skills' to still chaos that has been caused by his own Councillors and the likes of McConville whom he has no jurisdiction over. Right now the Bentley is the least of his worries.

    Valuable 'shared services' that bring our community together are being demolished, by shared I mean by wealthy and not so financially wealthy, Westway Stables, Maxilla Nursery, the debacle of disabled children's school transport, play provision for all children including families in low paid jobs, utter lack of social housing despite huge swathes of developments, streets of empty houses owned by investors, the Tri Borough which no resident actually voted for, which has saved very little money, caused chaos with services and saw a mass exodus of excellent loyal staff who cared not only about their job but what local residents needed.. the list goes on and residents are hurting.

    There is clearly no leadership, no vision of and for our community, no commitment to local people, to the vulnerable, elderly, disabled or people with mental health issues.

    The very diversity that made our Borough the richest in terms of culture and community is being discarded initially by stealth, and now by blatant arrogance. Some of the previous comments in this article demonstrate the ignorance that ordinary people have to face whilst trying to make a living, raise children and contribute to their community. These attitudes are dangerous and divisive, the Nottinghill riots started when people felt disenfranchised.

    The cold hard fact is that none of this is necessary in a Borough as rich as Kensington and Chelsea with a long history of well managed value for money inclusive services. Nick PB as leader needs to stop talking and act. The Town Hall demonstration has shown Councillors that local people are very very tired of them all.

  9. An excellent contribution. The writer is to be congratulated. Despite NPB's bland assurances, nothing has changed since the days of the disgraced Pooter. HPO continues to receive £1 million a year of our money, while the planned cuts to services to the young, the old and the disabled continue apace.

    The property department still runs the show. An unnamed conservative councillor is quoted as saying that the Westway Trust is a thinly disguised branch of the council. The intention is to shut down all services used by the N. Kensington community and flog its properties to the highest bidders.

    As for tri-borough. Westminster wisely steered clear. H&F has taken over previously well run RBKC departments, in the fruitless pursuit of savings. No savings have been achieved. On the contrary, vast sums of money have been wasted on this secretly adopted policy. The true aim is the complete social cleansing of the borough. The absent superrich do not need public services. This will "save" even more money!

    People of all incomes and social classes are rightly outraged at what's going on. The publicly funded town hall security squad will soon have to protect members from far more than a group of residents drumming out their message. There's bound to be trouble on the streets. This is not a threat, but the obvious effect of years of abuse dished out by this rottenest of councils. It's time for NPB to get a grip and change course, before it's too late.

    Is there some sort of election going on? If so, where is Ms Borwick? Where are the conservatives?

  10. Where are the Conservatives. Banks are open Saturdays now , so they are probably popping to to see if the 'backhanders' have been paid into their accounts .


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