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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Nothing appeals to the Dame more than outright sycophancy.
This resident is now a fave of the old thing...
We need to know why £30 million of our money was provided to this sports centre.
Can someone on the Council help out please?

Your Dameness,

As a resident of N Kensington I find your information invaluable and often amusing . Thank you.

I thought you might perhaps be faintly interested in this. I eagerly awaited the opening of the state-of-the-art health centre in Silchester road. I knew that the council had spent something like £30 million on the project -and I do not know if this even includes the land. 

When I went there, to join up hoping to make use of the pool, gym and classes, I discovered that this would require something like £80 a month. 
I remonstrated that I was a resident and I felt but It was extraordinary their monthly cost for full facilities should be in line with the Virgin sports club round the corner.

On a personal level as a resident of North Kensington I'm in a terrible quandary. I have the privilege of casting a vote that might matter . I've never voted Conservative and  on a political level I disliked Rifkind, and I like what I know of Abouharb, but I think the Cameron’s gov has done well with the appalling mess they were left with and I think that Millband’s gov may actually destabilise the country .   

What I know, is that I don't know. I don't want to throw away my vote, I don't know where to find real information and not to be blown this way and that by advertising speak….any advice ?

best wishes

Rxxxxx   Sxxxxxxxx


  1. In this exceptionally corrupt area of London, vote locally for the rights of every resident, regardless of income.

  2. North Kensington Resident22 April 2015 at 22:22

    Dear Resident
    Of course you have to pay £80 per month to use the facilities since you are rated a pleb. They would be free for life if you were a Windsor parading as a Cambridge.

    So reincarnate yourself as a Royal and all will be well.

    Note to Editors. Lifetime Membership of the Sports facilities for the Cambridge family is worth £160k. An outrage that tax payers money should be frittered in this way. Kate Middleton Cambridge should have been given a woolly teddy for young George with a K&C logo as a souvenir of the visit (cost to tax payers, £20) and not a £160k freebie. These people are housed and watered at public expense. They do not need more.

  3. Vote UKIP darling

  4. Kensington Toff22 April 2015 at 22:26

    I am a superior person and was shocked to find that when I visited the new swimming pool there is only a general changing area. For a new facility I would have expected Upper Class facilities that I could use and avoid the rabble. Of course I would be very happy to pay a premium for such facilities

  5. My Mate The Builder23 April 2015 at 20:19

    The whole project cost £28 million. £26 million for the school and £2 million for the Sports Centre. Good value when you consider that the new Holland Park School cost £100 million.


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