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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Neighbours are up in arms over this candy striped paint job....sadly, there is little they can do.....

.....the same would seem to apply if the owner of an entire Pont Street Dutch house decided to bling up his property with an exotic paint job.

You have been warned.....


  1. This is what happens when we let foreign Johnnies into the UK

  2. His name doesn;t seem to be Johnny Foreigner

  3. Ridicule, rather than anger, is the best response here. Neighbours should dress their kids in red and white striped T shirts, display red and white striped cushions on the rear seats of their parked cars and plant those hideous red and white striped petunias in hanging baskets along the street. Red and white balloons should be tied to lampposts; the nearer the offender's house, the better. The possibilities are endless.

  4. There's an excellent article on this story in today's Evening Standard.

  5. Dame you are as always ahead of the national press. The Charlie and the chocolate factory house has reached John Humphries ears and has been reported on Radio 4. It has been done deliberately by the owner because the planning department blocked her 'vision' !

  6. There's another full page in the Daily Mail.

    There can be no excuse for anyone seeking to create such an absurd structure at the expense of neighbours and the community at large.

  7. The candy striped house is in Moylan's ward.

  8. Has Cllr Moylan retired? He is nowhere to be seen or heard. This piece of sh*it is something worthy of his considerable energy and determination. The recipient of an Architectural Award for services to The Royal Borough cannot allow this nonsense.

    1. Cllr Moylan is in Thailand

  9. This is something of a storm in a teacup. The building will sooner or later be repainted. Meantime the Mail Online has yet another story on the candy striped house. It's largely more of the same, making RBKC a laughing stock.

    This is what happens when a council positively encourages the world's super rich to treat one tiny area of London as their personal sandpit.

  10. How vulgar. Looks like a Labour supporter's house.

  11. It's not the stripes that are vulgar, but the idea that an individual believes themselves entitled to impose long term damage on their neighbours, simply to build a gross iceberg house.

  12. The candy striped house has now entered London's cultural history. The story was included on this week's BBC 1 "Have I got More News For You."


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