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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Nothing gives the old Dame greater pleasure than supporting any facility that gives inner city children the chance to play safely.
She urges everybody to go to the Town Hall tomorrow to witness the handing over of the petition to save the Maxilla Nursery.
Why destroy assets which make such a difference to young lives? It's madness.  You can read all about here Petition

Westway23 will be supporting Maxilla Nursery in their Save Maxilla Petition handover on Wednesday (15th) at 5.50pm at the Town Hall, Civic Entrance, Hornton Street. Please make sure you get there at 5.30pm if you are able to, the more support the better.
Our Westway23 meeting will also be on Wednesay (15th) at 7- 9pm at The Flyover, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL.


  1. Great work, Dame. Eye on the ball as ever!

  2. Apparently the Westway disTrust is pausing in it plans to devastate a good part of N. Kensington.

  3. Who is Maurice Nixon?

  4. A high-spirited crowd of N. Kensington residents attended the town hall this evening to hear the council debate the petition against closing the Maxilla nursery. Banners were waved and drums played, to the consternation of town hall staff. Inside the council chamber Labour presented the petition and spoke strongly against closure. Bored Tories ignored the residents' reserve of £280 million pounds, to claim the need to economise. The audience clapped and heckled splendidly throughout. On cue Tories dutifully rejected the petition and the public left to plot the next round in the battle.

    Maurice Nixon is likely to run the vintage clothes market under the Westway.

  5. Maurice Nixon said on London Live this week he approves of Westway Trust's proposals because 'toilets are needed and new canvas for the canopy'. There were toilets but they were neglected and so closed and maybe he hasn't seen the bunker building they propose to replace the canopy with.
    For insight into WT's vision, listen to last 20 minutes of The Design Dimension, Series 2, Episode 1 (11.30pm this week), talking about retail regeneration, invisible privatisation, covert exclusion, monoculture, malls without walls etc and how it is happening around the country; Liverpool, Bristol, Westfield Stratford. Presented by Tom Dyckhoff.

  6. During the debate last night the Tories gave an exceptionally poor performance. They barely bothered even to clap their own side. This may reflect the widespread resident fury shown this week on the BBC TV programme on basements. Such visceral anger among the well heeled of S. Kensington and Chelsea augurs badly for the election. The Tories know that if Ms Borwick achieves anything less than the customarily overwhelming Tory vote, it will be a political disaster of national significance.

  7. The Ruling Party exposed themselves as amateurs in front of a packed Pubic Gallery. How very embarrassing!
    The word is that the great unwashed from North Kensington enjoyed their trip to the Town Hall so much that they are intending on returning next month and in greater numbers. What fun !

  8. And we the unwashed also had the joy of two very erudite maiden speeches - that from Cllr Allison was so far above everyone's heads that it was complete gobbledegook; Cllr. Rinker then gave us a spirited analysis from the 1980s about rent controls.

  9. Does anyone happen to know the date of the next full Council meeting?
    RBKC website is unworkable.

  10. A banner bearing the legend "The Council despises poor people" was elegantly draped over the mayor's Bentley. A wonderful sight, but it scared the wits out of Councillor Ahern, who ran back inside the building.

    The Town Hall security detail immediately sprang into action to protect delicate Tory ears from a superb demonstration of drumming that was undoubtedly the best music heard inside the building for years.

    The security men stood throughout the meeting keeping a close eye on a dangerous group of protesters who had brought a petition against the closure of a nursery school to their own Town Hall. This in a borough with £280 million of residents' funds sitting in reserves. The security guards were doubtless on double overtime at public expense.


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