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Thursday, 2 October 2014


A major basement consultation is planned and the details can be seen here.
This is your chance, as a resident, to make your views known.
You can be certain of one thing....developers and basement diggers will overwhelm him spurious facts about why they are a force for good.

If you need any more information you can contact Mr Banks as below.

His email address is

You might like to tell him the RBK&C link doesn't work


  1. Basement builds in K&C are a large, spiralling, and out-of-control problem.
    Cash is nowadays king. Apparently seduced by glossy spin and persuasive PR, it seems K&C puts developers’ interests before those of its own taxpaying residents: witness the hubristic, utterly flawed, Earl’s Court development, rubber-stamped in the face of 11,000 signatures (and rising) against.

    People feel disenfranchised, cowed and ill-served by those who should protect their interests. Witness too, the disturbing development whereby K&C reportedly allowed developers in W11 to pay £79,000 (a trifling amount if it means you get your way) to chop down mature trees; tress that should be protected. There is deep unhappiness abroad in K&C about this and the proliferation of ‘bling’ basement builds

    There’s too often a sense of entitlement and a cavalier disregard for neighbours’ welfare among those that seek to turn old houses into 50% underground palaces. A resident’s right to peaceable enjoyment of hisr home now counts for nothing, it seems. Invasive builds cause utter misery - often for years on end - to those affected. I know of people having to move out of their own homes - at their expense and to their great inconvenience and disruption - as the daily ordeal is unbearable. What was once a lovely borough is now blighted - a massive building site - held hostage to greed. The super-wealthy basement ’terrorists’ are happily ensconced elsewhere while those living with their actions suffer and seethe in impotent despair - their health, family life and sanity compromised. Setting neighbour against neighbour is not a recipe for harmonious living.

    Structurally, digging deep may be causing an imbalance in the water table I am told. When houses adjacent are being damaged, so rich and arrogant are many of the new owners, this is but a trivial concern to be massaged away by money.

    "I’m all right, Jack” has never been so apt

  2. The Times today quotes Planning Chief of K&C, the prat Cllr Coleridge, as saying "Only about 200 basements are being dug in K&C every year and there is only evidence of 2% causing damage to adjacent properties"

    What planet does this idiot live on?

    1. The build rate for basements in K&C is currently running at 431 per year

  3. So why is Coleridge lying??

  4. Didn't the RBKC planners stop the proposal to build 10 basements in the street where he lives?


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