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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


A dear reader has written to the Dame asking why it is that H&F Councillor Chumnery can work for H&F-part of the Tri Borough shambles whilst being a councillor....
The Dame has no idea; maybe the councillor can help us?

In her election blurb she is remarkably reticent about which local authority she works for....
She is the wooly haired one on the right.

Dear Dame
Perhaps you could ask Kensington and Chelsea's Chief Exec and Leader how Cllr Chumnery can represent the residents that faithfully voted for her, when she is actually employed by the council she supposed to be holding to account? I have heard on the grapevine that she has campaigned for the department she works for to remain "sovereign" rather than go bi/tri-borough just so that she doesnt have to reconsider her position at the council due to the clear conflict of interest.
Is it corruption?

Yours etc


  1. Dame

    Bit of a technicality and not good. She works for K&C and represents H&F. Don't think it is unlawful but it should be.

  2. Dear "Dame"

    Elected members are barred from being employed by local authorities in the areas they represent. But you and your "dear reader" should do your research more carefully. Ms Chumnery is indeed a councillor for Hammersmith and Fulham. But she is an employee of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

    1. 16:12
      She is surely employed by the Tri Borough if she works for social services???

  3. In response to the 16.06 post, there are long-standing and perfectly sensible provisions (deriving from the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, if memory serves) which regulate the relationship between political activism and employment in local government. Was it Wittgenstein who said "Whereof we cannot speak, thereof we should be silent"?

  4. In response to the 16.12 post, "Tri-borough" doesn't employ anyone. Was it Bertrand Russell who said "Get a life"?

  5. “… the wooly (sic) haired one on the right” – that would be a racist comment then?

  6. 11:51 The Dame says you are either being....
    a) Facetious
    b) Serious
    c) Stupid
    d) Thick
    She knows many people of all colours who have wooly(sic) hair. Go and do something useful please.

  7. As it is a photo of one man and one woman it must be pretty obvious which one is Cllr. Chumnery. The personal comment about her hair is superfluous.

    1. Why superfluous? Maybe the Dame admires woolly hair. Anyway, the way she styles it means she is very proud of it so is probably likes the compliment

  8. Dear Dame

    The Wooly haired One should be Widdicombed!

    Eponymous from the third borough


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