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Sunday, 19 October 2014


The Sunday papers will bulge with stories about how Qatar, not just turns a blind eye to its citizens who fund ISIL, but actively encourages them to support this murderous group who torture and hack the heads off our compatriots.

Yet the buffoon Johnson, on his recent trip to Qatar, had this to say about the duplicity of Qatar's ruling class.

"The Qataris are wearing M&S underwear beneath their kanduras. They are eating in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. They are driving Land Rovers and phoning with Vodafone – and last year the UK exported goods worth a record £1.3 billion to Qatar alone; not bad for a place with only 1.8 million people. 
It was a joy to hear the natives speak spontaneously of their affection for Britain. I lost count of the number of times I was told: “London is my second home.”

Johnson, doesn't just have his head up the Qatari bottom: he has an entire Shard up there. 


  1. Boris Johnson is an object of derision. The very possibility he could ever become Prime Minister should fill us with fear. As for his sucking up to Qatar.....what's in it for him comes to mind...

  2. Cheap comment, cheap guy, cheap Arabs

  3. Boris is doing his best to sell-off London homes as investments to his Qatari, Russian and far-Eastern friends while claiming to stick up for Londoners interests. Is anyone still surprised by this self-serving buffoons duplicity ?

  4. Thanks in large part to Boris's hard work in promoting the city as an easy place to do business, London is now the money-laundering capital of the world.

  5. It's a Kensington thing too - the Qataris are funding our Nour Festival - while Holland Park school kids go off to Syria and get killed.


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