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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Good Chap
The Dame has been twice saddened...
once upon hearing that the honest and likeable Cllr David Cameron has been unwell and then,whilst he was unwell, that a nasty little person had kicked him off the Planning Applications Committee.

Many residents have been in touch with The Dame to express disgust that this supremely well qualified architect had been cast aside in this brutal way.
The culprit? 
None other than Cllr 'Sort of Lawyer' Paul Warrick.

This letter to the Dame sums up resident reaction rather well.

Dear Dame ,

May I draw your attention to yet another dastardly deed recently perpetrated ... by whom exactly ?

Many residents are very concerned that Cllr David Campion has been taken off the planning committee, 
where he had been doing excellent work as "the voice of reason", and  much admired by residents, 
especially where they have attended meetings of the Planning Committees on which he sat.
Somehow someone finagled the removal of the good councillor , while he was recovering from illness .
I think you would agree : that's just not cricket ! And who is behind it ???

Could you possibly consult your many sources , and find out which barsteward was behind this back-stabbing
exercise ? The public would dearly love to know !

Regards ,



  1. Deputy Planning Chairman Cllr Mackover is another sick Councillor who needs to be cleared out. High time to get rid of the baggage and ballast on the Planning Committee.

  2. Strange to hear from the Dame that Cllr Warwick has fired Cllr Campion. It is common knowledge that Warwick is for the high jump and his days are numbered.

    1. Yes, but at the time(June) Warrick had no idea he was heading into a storm over his non disclosures and professional's Kama man!

  3. One may not have agreed with his views, but Cllr Campion was that rare creature on RBKC's planning applications committee - a qualified architect. He wore himself out by spending years poring over the details of tens of thousands of planning applications. Against the odds he tried his best to be fair. For this, his reward in his illness is to be thrown out by this most Rotten of Boroughs. It's a shameful way to treat a decent man.

  4. When is this vile little reptile Warwick going to show some vestige of dignity and resign. The spectacle of him clinging to power is beneath contempt and bringing the council into disrepute.

  5. Dame with the mistakes you make in the article, you must be Cllr Palmer - I claim my prize.

    1. The Dame has never claimed to be well educated but is always willing to be corrected.Please put the old thing right.


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