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Friday, 24 October 2014


Basement project killed
Mr Bore needs to seek the advice of Camden Council.

This report in the EVENING STANDARD shows that greedy exploiters of planning loopholes can be stopped in their tracks.

Well done Camden councillors.


  1. There is a whole raft of administrative means that can be used to stop basements. But it requires political will. The useless Chairman of the Planning Committee, Cllr Warwick, and his even more useless Deputy, Cllr Mackover, must go.

    1. More than Warwick and Mackover need to be shafted. The free market airheads in Hornton Street, including the intellectually challenged Cllr Coleridge, need to be cleared out.

  2. To a very large extent the conduct and decisions of the Planning Committee depend on the Party in power and the values of the Councillors. Camden is Labour - a Party that is generally more sympathetic and caring about people. K&C is a ruthless free market oriented Tory Borough - a regime for the rich and successful. Stuff the rest.

    If Cllr Dent-Coade was running our Council the outcome would be different. Residents would feel that "it is our Borough and our home". A more inclusive approach to Government

  3. The problem is the extent to which Planning in RKBC is in the pocket of developers. It's been clear for years that those with the right connections in the Rotten Borough can build virtually what they wish; the system is manipulated for their benefit. Meanwhile their less canny neighbours are harassed and refused by RBK over the smallest improvement to their homes. It's about brown envelopes.

  4. It will be approved on appeal - this nothing more than political grandstanding. No precedent here.


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