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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


To the left is a picture of Eddie Izzard, the comedian, lending his support to residents of Sutton Dwellings. 
He is flanked to the left by Andrew Barshall and Ian Henderson; the two challengers to Pooter and pals at the last council election.

But who, lurking to the left, is the plump peroxide blonde in black leggings with camera and recording device(?)
The Dame has been told the lady seemed very keen to listen in to the trio's private conversations....or could she have just been a harmless Izzard fan?

It seems not. 
It's Linda Mullins, who rejoices in the job title of Commercial Asset Performance and Improvement Manager on the snoop for stuff to report back to her £1million a year charity boss, Keith Exford! 
Anyway, the good news for Keith the Mason is that he will find a nest of fellow masons in Hornton St Exford Mason

Keith also seems to have trouble with staff relations....Bullying

Affinity Sutton's PR team has already been accused of harassing tenants. 
The presence of Miss Mullins whilst protesters were meeting Izzard and the press smacks of chicanery.
It's time the vastly overpaid CE of Affinity Sutton, Keith Exford bought his dogs to heel


  1. How sad to see the legacy of William Sutton being run by modern day Rachmans.

  2. how much of a bonus is she on

  3. Just as well those two are attempting to inform residents of the real cost of the development - both to the local community and in the pockets of those who can least afford it

  4. is she seriously recording.

  5. looks like intimidation to me....... or is she really a big Izzard fan

  6. I was watching this go on at the sunken garden on the Sutton Estate. This woman in the photo was trying to photograph all the people involved and got one of her mates to try and tape them on a phone. She gave another woman leaflets to give to the journalists and she was seen shouting at them. Another of her mates was being aggressive to some of the older residents their to meet Eddie Izzard.
    These are thugs and bullies, and Affinity Sutton should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. Affinity Sutton employee16 October 2014 at 13:32

    From the Affinity Sutton Annual Report
    “We have always believed that the basis of a thriving organisation that delivers great customer service lies in the way we recruit, develop, reward and lead the staff who provide that service, and the results speak for themselves.”
    Keith Exford , Group Chief Executive

  8. You are a bully for calling out Linda like this. Take a look in the mirror.

  9. 15:56: You've got the concept of bullying all wrong. Bullying is an abuse of power, where a stronger person exerts that power over a weaker person. Who do you think is stronger here, a huge housing group or a group of social housing tenants? Why is she taping private conversations? Why is she taking photographs of private individuals? Might be be that, like so many other housing 'professionals' she believes tenants to be the enemy? Affinity Sutton will have their way, just as Catalyst have at the disasterous demolition of Wornington Green, and the tenants will lose their community. Who has the power, 15:56?

  10. Bugger me this mob seemed keen to have their photos taken by everyone except those that have a different view. Linda is also a tenant on the estate as well.
    Sounds like the dame should be a bitchy old drag queen instead of a champion of the people (or certain people anyway) as the dame is possibly in danger of becoming a troll.

  11. Wow how sad that someone has resorted to personal abuse, especially when they them selves are liars.
    For people who are reading this site please broaden your reseach as the majority or residents are not represented .

  12. Its easy to slag off Linda Mullins and other Affinity Sutton employees when you post comments anonymously. Not so easy to drum up any significant support for your self-serving No Campaign which is mainly subscribed to by non-estate residents wishing to protect the price of their properties.

  13. How disgusting and extremely rude to speak about Mrs Mullins in this way. When she was Housing Manager on this estate she was excellent at her job and always extremely helpful. Although she may work for Affinity Sutton she is just a resident on this estate and is entitled to her opinion the same as every other tenant or do you only listen to those that do not want the redevelopment - everyone is entitled to their own view without the risk of being ridiculed

  14. Linda Mullins was always helpful when she was managing the Chelsea Estate. If a poll was taken perhaps the Dame would find out that most tenants are for the rebuilding (but she wouldn't be brave enough to find out). So glad that internet abuse is now an offence.


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