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Thursday, 10 October 2013



OK....the Dame may be getting boring but the Dame always 
likes sharing the opinion of WorkedatRBKC.

Just last evening I was having dinner with some former 
colleagues who work at Hornton Street. 

They assured me that the winds of change are beginning 
to blow steadily under the new regime. 

Things are being reviewed thoroughly and 
nothing is being taken for granted by the two Nicks.

The detractors are of course those who would have preferred 
jobs for the (Danny) boys and further corruption, probably 
enough of it to make Pooter a blessed memory rather than 
what he is now which is rather a cursed one.

Have both confidence and patience.


  1. The winds of change had better investigate the tornado tri borough chaos that is bleeding money. Granted its another of Pooters insane decisions, and quite a crafty legacy, leaving everything to be dismantled if he cannot control it.

    None of the cowardly Councillors were bright enough to see this legacy nor did they have the courage to stand up for local residents. Now we have lost and continue to lose loyal dedicated council staff who actually do have the Royal Borough's residents interests at heart. They helped to raise the standards of service provision that was enviable across the country. They now watch twats (no other word can describe them) on larger salaries and no doubt sweeteners literally dismantle it.

    Wake up tax payers we are been sold down the river.

  2. For any real change to occur at Horton St N P-B will need to get shot of Bore and his cronies in Planning and the awful Johnson twins from Housing.


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