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Tuesday, 22 October 2013



What to do about Cllr Warrick? 
From every direction the Dame hears of the dislike of this boring and graceless little solicitor....not just from his colleagues and residents, but officers too.

The Dame's mentor on the internal workings at Hornton St has these wise words....

WorkedatRBKC22 October 2013 11:36
Mike French and Phelps might have appeared to be as thick as thieves but French was a man of integrity, he was saddled with someone he really didn't like but he was wiser than to show it. I'm sure he rubbed his hands when Phelps was ousted.

As for Warrwick, I think he's second only to Moylan in terms of dislike by officers. 

He's ignorant and thinks the best thing he can do to cover that over is to be confrontational and arrogant. 
He certainly succeeds on both those scores which only serves to demonstrate his ignorance completely. 
When talking to him I always felt I would rather be scaping him off my shoe back in to the gutter than having to speak with him, or rather be talked at. 
This is demonstrated all the more when you have many members who are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they listen, things are discussed and sensible conclusions reached which are often not what either party thought of beforehand. That is how it should be of course but there is the small band of Moylans and Warrwicks and a few more who really don't know the depth of their own ignorance.


  1. RBKC Planning is a toxic mix of greed and incompetence. Unless and until Cllr Paget Brown acknowledges this reality, nothing will change. I will not hold my breath.

  2. Dear Dame. I suspect Ludo is not doing his research properly. The councillor may be a lawyer but he is not qualified as a solicitor.

    1. The solicitor is that other thick and odious Planning Committee member, Cllr Pascall. Properties all over the Borough and a very unwise choice to be doing this job

    2. Lives above his means.......

    3. Tired Tory Councillor22 October 2013 at 17:49

      Pascall calls himself an architect. So whatever is he, apart from an unconscionable bore?


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