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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Grovelling to moneymen is something our Mayor excels at. 
Take his greasing up to the Qataris. 
He has just had a 'meet up' with a whole troupe of Qataris anxious to show off their liberal ways. 
A pity those liberal ways don't extend to their country's treatment of gay people. 
A recent press report indicates that the Gulf States intend to 'medically check' visitors to ensure they are not gay. 
Has this offended the Mayor? Not in the least. 
What a hypocrite with his affectedly silly hairstyle.....
And did Boris bring up the touchy subject with the Sheikha?..
Silly thought: he would never dare. And yet,he allows the Qataris to lecture us on their views of education...
Don't imagine our Aviation Adviser will be allowed to visit Doha anytime soon. 


  1. Good point...and one to raise with him when he comes this way on 5 November

  2. Dear Dame

    Your column is becoming monumentally boring. Where is the former sparkle? Whatever happened to ‘Westenders’? Have Ludo and Bernice eloped together to warmer climes? Will you cut them out of your will as a result? Is the Labour Group no longer feeding you with stories? Or is it just that under NPB Kensington and Chelsea is now just worthy but dull? I think we should be told.

  3. NPB has told Cllrs not to feed stories to the Dame, on pain of deselection! The man is quite obsessed with his public persona, and is afraid the Dame will somehow change her good opinion of him. But eventually, stories will come out and he will be exposed as the vain and silly man he is.

  4. There is a grain of truth. But, it tends to reinforce the point that Nick Paget-Brown is a stabilising influence. You should be pleased the Dame has nothing vitriolic to write. Maybe a period of dullness is needed after the excitement caused by the previous leader with his lust for exotic and expensive trips to foreign parts, paid for by us suckers.But, don't forget that the Dame is ever watchful...even just last week she picked up on Danny Boys Moylan fantastic £150k a year taxpayer lifestyle. We should be proud one of our very own has now managed to grab more than any other UK councillor! Even the Standard lifted it from the Dame!
    You say, 'maybe the Labour group aren't feeding stories'. Again, this has to be a good thing: it means there is no chicanery going on. But, then again, you also accuse the Conservative Group of leaking. Next week, you will be accusing the poor old LibDem group doing so, but that would be a stretch....they are quite as dull as you claim the Dame to be!
    As for's not good news. He got caught up with the Boujis set and has been, he claims, 'fitted up' for dealing Class A drugs. Let's hope he has not been active around our Town Hall. Bernice proved to be hopeless and is doing yet another History of Art course.

    1. Just last evening I was having dinner with some former colleagues who work at Hornton Street. They assured me that the winds of change are beginning to blow steadily under the new regime. Things are being reviewed thoroughly and nothing is being taken for granted by the two Nicks.

      The detractors are of course those who would have preferred jobs for the (Danny) boys and further corruption, probably enough of it to make pooter a blessed memory rather than what he is now which is rather a cursed one.

      Have both confidence and patience.

  5. Cracking! When Ludo gets out there is a certain address in North Kensington where he could make a discrete call.

    1. No point - the resident of North Kensington is a good family man now.


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