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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Look forward to a rash of puerile Guy Fawkes jokes from Mayor Johnson. 
On 5th of November, Johnson heads west to give locals the chance to interrogate him over housing, jobs, policing, transport etc.
But just don't let him bluster away.....

It seems that many attendees will be tearing into Boris over his determination to wreck Earls Court...
Assembly condemns Mayor’s role in demolition of Earls Court
9 October 2013
The London Assembly today condemned the Mayor’s decision to approve the redevelopment of Earls Court which it warned would mean the unnecessary demolition of the exhibition centres, the West Kensington and Gibbs Green housing estates and threaten 550 jobs at the Lille Bridge tube depot.
Assembly Members backed a motion[1] describing the plan as a grave mistake and urging the Mayor, when deciding future planning applications on major regeneration projects, to ensure that he gives proper consideration to the full economic, social and environmental implications of the plan.
It also called on Transport for London, a major landholder on site, not to enter a joint venture until there is resolution on these hugely important outstanding issues.
The motion also criticised the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for refusing to call in the application for a public inquiry.

Readers will have many more so add them via the comments page. But here are some starters....

1. If Boris Island is dead in the water why do you need a part time, unqualified, 2 day a week, £75,000 a year Aviation Adviser

2. If we are living in tough times why are you paying Daniel Moylan £150,000 a year, making him the highest paid UK councillor

3. What is your view on basement developments and do you agree with your sister that they should be severely controlled

1 comment:

  1. Boris does need an aviation advisor, be sure that runway proposals are alive and threatening.
    Too much - who else is available?
    Basement developments are a nightmare to neighbours, the Dame is right and they should be severely controlled with compensations mandatory for neighbours.


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