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Thursday, 3 October 2013


Flashing around large amounts of our money on legions of 'advisers' is a defining feature of Johnson's character. Symptomatic of this is the number of  ' hangers on' he has appointed to Tfl and Crossrail. 
And it is not just the numbers of non exec directors he has appointed, but the huge amounts he pays them in fees: fees equalling those paid to experienced non exec directors of big FTSE companies.
It really is jobs for the boys.....

Collectively Crossrail and Tfl cost Londoners well in excess of £800,000 a year in non exec fees, including expenses. And that doesn't even include the over supply of exec directors we have to fund....

Crossrail has circa seven non executive directors....a number not far short of the massive and highly profitable FTSE 100 company, Vodaphone. And the fees paid are not dissimilar. If you are a non exec director of Crossrail, like Daniel Moylan, whose only other two non exec posts are two failing property investment trusts, you can collect £40,000 a year plus expenses...and, of course, Danny Boys picks up another £24,000 from Tfl....£64,000 a year for a few days a month!

Tfl has some very distinguished bods, including Richard Barnes, a mere local councillor and renowned for the filthy 'selfies' he took of himself and posted on Facebook.
Then there is an old TUC hack, Brendan Barber. Brendan has a whopping pension from the Brothers, but tops it up with his nice little Tfl earner.
We have someone called Bill Oddy(not the comedian) but an ex cabbie, whose other claims to fame are unknown and Steve Wright, who runs a car hire company.....all picking up £24,000 a year, plus expenses for a day a month or so! Expect to see Pooter Cockell getting on board soon......


  1. and of course under Ken Livingstone this never happened did it ?

    Perhaps the Hornet would like to give us a direct comparison to the two mayors costs

    1. You Silly Billy. "He was wrong and therefore it is OK if I am wrong" is just about the most stupid justification for wrongdoing that I can imagine.

    2. No the issue is which of the past two Mayors has handed out the most cash to his mates.

      Once that is decided we should see what the justification is.

      Lets be even handed or is this still a pro Labour blog

    3. I am pleased that I am not an investor in any property investment trust you are a non exec director. Are you a bit dense? We are discussing the number of non execs on two unquoted utilities; their relevant qualifications to perform their jobs and the scale of their fees....hardly political.
      Both mayors, Livingstone and Johnson are guilty of wasting money on an epic scale, but Johnson could have done more to ameliorate the waste.
      Livingstone was a disaster of a mayor so do stop this puerile describing of the blog as pro Labour: it's Pro Common Sense. If you took the trouble to concentrate you will have seen that the Dame has been fulsome in praise of Nick Paget-Brown....stop being idiotic Matthew...I know it's a challenge, but try....

  2. Of course it did, but the Mayor promised to cut waste....he has not....end of argument

    1. When will politicians learn that "good optics" is a prime requirement of politics? Quite apart from the scandalous waste of £800,000 every year on bungs for mates, paid for by tax payers, what on earth does Boris think he is doing by appointing such a motley crew of wankers as highly paid non Exec Directors? A cab driver, an oddy, a wanker (literally), a failed property dabbler and a hack as Non Executives in a high tech business like TFL??l

      What is the Mayor smoking?

    2. Cracking, cracking

    3. Is Rock en route for City Hall??

  3. The Dame does it again. Shines a light into dark corners and exposes just how much of tax payers money is being wasted. Long live the Dame!

  4. The record and judgement of Boris continues to take a battering. Appontment after appointment of senior staff ending in disgrace. Boris is a poor judge of character. Business initiative after business initiative ending in financial disaster (taxpayers are currently subsidising every Boris bike to the tune of £1,400 every year). Boris is a poor businessman. Crony after crony given jobs in the administration, with no contribution to make.

    The guy is a buffoon

    1. Wrong, Boris simply believes that people are what they say they are and is trusting in that. The people around him fail to weed out the dross at the early stages but then that's Labour driven HR staff for you who have every interest in making Boris look a fool.

      He's actually no fool but as I've said often, undoing the sins of the past while trying to drive things forward is a tough challenge for anyone. He's made some excellent headway but of course no matter what he does, it will never be enough for the naysayers who of course all could do far better themselves in their own opinion which is founded on nothing but their own opinion.

    2. Does Labour run the City Hall HR Department then?

    3. Has Boris been told that Labour is running HR in City Hall?


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