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Thursday, 24 October 2013


The Dame wrote recently on meetings held by Cllrs Buckmaster and Campion with Notting Hill property developers. 
She wants to make clear that though these two councillors acted unwisely, their motives were not dishonourable. For commentators to infer otherwise is grossly unfair to these two.
The Dame is a busy lady so cannot always oversee all comments: thus she hopes people will reflect before posting comments. Please ensure that comments are not unfair and unfounded.


  1. That is a first for the Dame - normally she is the one with the unfounded poisonous keyboard.

  2. The Dame rarely gets it wrong.... and poison is often the best medicine for compulsive dissemblers....such as certain of our councillors.

    1. When you are hiding behind a multitude of fake names, using two Labour Councillors for editorial content as well as two self appointed (unrepresentative) residents who have a personal grudge because they cannot hack it in an elected office. And pretend that things are dire in RBK&C. You might wonder who is the "compulsive dissemblers"

    2. Neither Campion nor Buckmaster is venal; both are a little naïve and too trusting.

    3. .. so is Inspector Palmer if he really thinks Labour write this blog.

    4. Labour candidates getting full write ups in by-elections. Plugs For Ken Livingstone during the Mayor for London campaign, links to Labour Party broadcasts for changing the voting system; (all failed) but it tells you who pulls the strings

    5. Matthew....I see to have seen just a few weeks fulsome praise for Nick P-B.
      Why would a Labour blog praise a Conservative to the skies?

  3. 11:09
    You mean 'hack it' like Filthy Phelps and the child porn loving Lamont? Not surprised anyone wants to 'hack it' with dirty buggers like those two as typical fellow councillors....

  4. It's perfectly obvious that The Dame is a somewhat right wing Conservative, but one with a traditional sense of fair play.

  5. Councillors need to be wary of their colleagues in H&F who cover up the finances. Having read the blog about Mr Crowley in Licensing and the apparently over a hundred thousand pounds of money owed to H&F (clearly not good Tories) it is not just child porn that will bring you all into disrepute as residents don't like picking up the debts of others due to incompetency by officers when it appears those same officers now pull the strings in the Royal Borough.


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