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Thursday, 10 October 2013


ALERT!...Chancery St James's client owns virtually the length of Ovington St. The application is for seven houses only because they felt there would be too much protest if they applied for this space for more applications.....

Bad news for residents in Ovington Street,Chelsea. The very unpleasant Chancery St James are applying for permission to dig out sub basements in the seven houses they own in picturesque and tranquil Ovington Street. 
Imagine the scenes of chaos residents will endure over the next couple of years. 
Chancery St James manages the property portfolios of a number of impenetrable BVI companies. 
If you want to know more you will need to give them a call(details below) and ask for Phil Curwen or Richard Rawlins. 
You can be sure they will be rude and unhelpful. 
Googling this company gives the impression the late Mr Rachman might have liked their style....
This application will test the steel of our council and the nerves of residents.


  1. Doesn't the chairman of planning live here?

    1. Cllr Warwick lives in Hobury Street, SW10. A pity because it would be good if he was exposed to a three year basement dig next door. This Chairman if the Planning Committee is one of the most self satisfied and arse stuffed individuals ever to be appointed.

  2. Digging an uber basement in seven adjoining properties in a 200 year old London Street is nuts. When will the complacent and self important Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr Coleridge, get off his back side?

    The cost of digging a vbasement is £500 per sq foot. It can then be sold for £3000 per square foot. Dim Tim was never good at arithmetic but even he should be able to work out that the problem will not go away unless it is stopped in its tracks. There is no point in Mr Bore spending huge amount of tax payers money "consulting". Just make sure that Conservation Areas continue to be just that. No change.

    1. On the button 10.06. There is a huge economic incentive to dig basements. And the Planning Department is in the pockets of the developers. Dim Tim can't see it.

  3. Developers of big projects like Notting Hill Gate are paying for the Council to put on "consultations" using their materials and story boards. Corruption at its ugliest.

    You read it here.

    1. More lies in the Hornet. Prove it

    2. Inspector Palmer? Is that you?

    3. Matthew were one of Barry Phelps great know the ex Mayor who sent around pictures of very young boys.Ask him why he had so many offshore bank accounts. Was he not chairman of Planning when Michael French was planning officer...

    4. Notting Hill Gate Consultation11 October 2013 at 17:05

      I am responding to your requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which we received on 12 September 2013, for information held by the Council. You requested:

      There is a considerable amount of expensive material that is being used for the current consultation at Astley House re the proposed Nottinghill Gate development (architects models, hand-outs, space rental etc).

      (I) What is the cost of all of this material and the event?

      (ii) Who paid for it

      The costs for materials used in the consultation were as follows:

      - The model of Notting Hill Gate was produced by architects working for Notting Hill Estate General Partner and is their property. They have agreed to our using it on a number of occasions without charge, but may make a charge for moving it about.

      - Exhibition boards, designed in house, print cost £392 (excl VAT)

      - Leaflets printing £1,668 (excl VAT)

      - Leaflet distribution £572 (excl VAT)

      - Cost of porters moving the furniture £200

      - Expenses – travel, additional materials and bottled water £38.41

      Space rent

      - The office space used was vacant and was provided free of charge by the owner Notting Hill Estate General Partner

      In addition we have engaged two consultants to provide additional support to the in-house team on this project. One managed design, production and distribution of the consultation materials and will be analysing the responses at a cost of £12,002 plus VAT this may increase slightly as the response to the consultation has been very good so analysis may take longer than originally anticipated. The other designed the exhibition boards as part of wider work on the Supplementary Planning Document and it is not easy to separate out the exhibition costs specifically from the other work on the project.

      These costs will be recouped from the landowners.

    5. This is shocking. It appears that Council Officers, paid for by tax payers, are being used by developers in an undercover way to promote their plans. The world has gone mad

    6. American Advertisers used to do this kind of thing. It was called subliminal advertising. Now its against the law and there are big penalties

    7. Person Familiar With The Situation12 October 2013 at 15:50

      The names of the main property developers who have bought freeholds and leaseholds in Notting Hill Gate and are engaging in discussions with the Council are:

      - Notting Hill Estate General Partner – owners of David Game House and the block from Pembridge Road the western end of the centre

      - Notting Hill Gate KCS Ltd – owners of Newcombe House

      - Stranton Property – owners of the building occupied by the Book Warehouse

  4. My Mate The Builder11 October 2013 at 11:16

    Neighbours had better watch out. These 200 year old houses have no foundations. They were built together for mutual support and the Victorian engineers designed them to "heave together" as the answer to long life and peaceful living. Spiv Property Developers like Chancery St James have no interest in the next 100 years. They just want to triple their money in 18 months and to hell with the consequences

  5. Chancery St James will spend a huge amount on Architects and Surveyors and Building Engineers and then send pages of plans and boxes to be ticked to Mr Bore and his inexperienced planners in Hornton Street. Of course they will tick all the boxes and recommend the uber basements to the Planning Committee and the self important Chairman, Cllr Warwick, will puff himself up and shout "agreed" after demolishing some poor neighbour who was given 3 minutes to object. Cllr Warwick will then feel wonderful and return home to consume a good bottle of claret.

    Two years later at least one of the neighbouring houses in Ovington Street will have collapsed and three or four others will have develop cracks, leaks, doors that do not close because of distortion and staircases that detach themselves from walls. Exactly this has happened at 10 Abingdon Villas and 50 Abingdon Villas, for example. But Mr Bore ticked the boxes and Cllr Warwick had his bottle of claret. Everyone did what they were expected to do.

    And the pathetic Cllr Coleridge beats his little breast and sings "I am the very model of a model Planning officer"

    It sucks

  6. Grubby looking street. A big basement development will tart it up, bring in some money, and refresh the neighbourhood. NIMBYs should stop moaning and push off or spend some money. Central London is not for losers.

    1. Oh, do act your just sound dumb

    2. More basement development is necessary! Chancery St James ought to drill into the molten core of the earth, so that all of central London's 'winners' can live down there.


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