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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Well Done Kathy May and Cllr Paget-Brown

Nothing gives the Dame greater pleasure than praising the Council and staff for the good things it does.

Keeping our streets clean is one of those 'good things.' The aftermath of Notting Hill Carnival is a load of old rubbish littering the streets and presenting massive problems for the clean up teams. And it is not just a few streets....around thirty are affected.
Logistically, it is the stuff of  nightmares..... all the streets have to be kept closed off so the clean up teams can work unimpeded by cars, etc.
Is it all worth it? Most residents probably think not: for them the Carnival is entirely in the wrong place.
But praise has to go out to the clear up teams for the excellent job they do and to Kathy May, Head of Waste Management and Markets for keeping it all together. 

The Dame was also pleased to see Cllr Paget-Brown, as the responsible cabinet member, taking the trouble to be out there thanking crews and making sure they delivered.

Well done to all concerned.

We should never forget that what residents want is this sort of day to day efficiency....not 'show off' £30 million roads or shiny £100 million schools offering not one extra place.


  1. This is not new something Cllr Paget Brown and his head of Dept. does every year.

    Why doesn't the the DAme start a poll too see what residents think of the carnival

    1 Love it
    2 Live with it
    3 Neutral
    4 Dislike it
    5 Ban it

  2. The Carnival should be banned. It is a nightmare for residents. It has lost sight of its roots. It disrupts the lives of residents. All manner of low life arrives in K&C to cause trouble

  3. I was out late in the evening on both nights and the job that the street cleaning crews were doing was absolutely fabulous. We are very lucky to have these teams of conscientious workers.

  4. As a long standing resident living in a street adjacent to the carnival I have to put up with more and more disturbance every year. This year my local pub took the opportunity to boost their income and make a few £ thousand extra on Sunday and Monday night. I watched the horror from my window in a normally quiet and tranquil part of Kensington. Crowds of drunken revelers spilling onto the street, loud music, urinating in flower pots and front doors of adjacent houses, my car jumped on and dented on the roof and bonnet, and two smooth black guys in a brand new white BMW blatantly trading stuff. What is the point of this?

  5. Difficult problem for the Council to tackle. Obviously the situation is out of hand and out of control. And a huge waste of police resources. They and the council clean up staff are the unsung heroes.

    It needs a stronger leader than the pathetic Cllr Cockell to get to grips with this

  6. The clean up team are a star act

  7. Too many kill joys on here. The party is a load of fun

  8. We could always move it to Philbeach Gardens.….…


  10. Philbeach Gardens would be interesting place for it to be. Maybe the street cleaning team could use their marvellous skills to clean up this council.

    Every year they do a fantastic job and no one acknowledges this, well done Dame for being the first.

  11. 12.33 I hope that your plants are piss proof and that you enjoy cleaning urine from your front door. No doubt you think that damage to personal property is a "gas".


  12. abuse from something called WASP

  13. if you post rubbish you get a smack silly!

  14. if you post an opinion that people cant debate - they become abusive

  15. I absolutely hate it and wold ban it. But this year it wasn't too bad one of my neighbours sells food and alcohol and actually turns her flat into like a bar and charges people to use her loo (disgusting) she hires a DJ soundbox and it sits outside and the music is deafening throughout the street from early morning until late in the night, this year however the police turned it off around 8pm Sunday and then around 9pm Monday. It should be banned I noticed a neighbour's car was completely blocked in with her rubbish and bins all around it no respect for other people's property

  16. One reason for the excellent Carnival clean up is that K & C residents pay twice the market price for waste management services. The matter is long-standing, complex and highly illegal; costing RBKC hundreds of millions over decades. Current officers are not responsible, but inherited it. The same problem exists in other central London boroughs. Rather than hiding it, elected representatives should stop it.

  17. Sounds like a "backhander" for one or two well placed people

    Nothing surprises me anymore with the current Administration in Hornton Street. It is time for Cockell to move on or be moved on

  18. Sadly this is an easy publicity trick for Paget-Brown whilst avoiding the big issues facing this borough. He hasn't even the courtesy, let alone strength of character to respond to reasonable requests for information on actions that the Council are, or should be taking on matters of substance.i.e the Localism Bill.


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