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Friday, 3 August 2012


The Dame received this from a resident reader: again, it highlights the bland and  unimaginative approach to what could and should have been a scintillating event. It will go down as the £1 million flop.
What do other readers thinks.....

I had another look at this event last night again and cannot but think that if the council were intent on holding this type of celebration then they really should have done a lot better than they have. The atmosphere is flat, so many security people talking to each other and other personnel just standing motionless with programmes.  This really could have been tremendous if only it had been organised by people with real vision rather than someone who has absolutely no originality. 
I would have gone for a celebration of contemporary music from around the whole world and there are some excellent musicians in the most strange places! In my view it is something that London is lacking; an event not motivated by profit or commercialism but just original good music. I have long held the view that Jools Holland's show is very poor when it comes down to giving serious musicians the opportunity to play original music and should encourage more genuinely diverse music rather than the usual "world" music or the latest thing from the States seeking a plug for their forthcoming tour. Sadly unlike the days of the Old Grey Whistle Test especially with Bob Harris, the BBC has no serious contemporary music programme; a great shame really but the Exhibition Road Show could have been catalyst for young and old musicians around the world to play good original music in a beautiful part of London.
I also noticed that the some of the programme notes had been lifted from the various band's websites!
I also could not but help notice the state of the expensive paving; it is marked in places already; I just do not know why chewing gum is tolerated; it really should be an instant fine if someone just chucks the gum on the paving. In contrast, the Duke of York's Square is always clean and in meticulous condition. 
On a separate issue, I am surprised that as this Council prides itself as being environmentally friendly it has not focused on banning unsolicited mail such as pizza, taxis and various other trades; the disposal costs the council tax payer a lot of money.  
Maybe the council should concentrate on core services rather than getting involved in projects they have no knowledge or expertise in. 


  1. 'Exhibition Road welcomes the world to London with World Music and World Food'. Now THAT would have been inspiring and could have winkled out our wonderfully diverse population and visitors to celebrate what is great about London.

    One of the many profoundly depressing aspects of the Road Show is that Tot Brill, Di Robson - and presumably Lightweight and Paget-Brown - seem to think that circus acts and acrobats are somehow subversive or transgressive enough to attract crowds of visitors. No lovey, circus acts are not a little bit daring, they are mainstream.

    The whole event is devoid of atmosphere and utterly dull. I still feel sorry for the food stall holders who have been effectively lied to, however, and I hope they take the two Councils to the cleaners.

  2. Or even some historic focus on some of the Borough's famous and celebrated residents. The problem is that this council and councillors are bereft of imagination-and it became hideously obvious from the lack of crowds. Ah well....another down the Exhibition Road drains. Now we just wait for Mr FitzP of Propaganda to tell us a pack of lies about how successful it was

  3. Not wishing to rely on the opinion of others I visited this "Show" last night.In the middle of educational excellence and world class museums what did I find.Third rate performances and thats being generous, a collection of food trucks appropriate for a 2nd rate pop concert and a small crowd of tourists who appeared to have stumbled on this event unsure of what it was all about.Needles to say no sight of any RBKC Councillors

    RBKC Councillors should hang their heads in shame for being associated with this pathetic attempt at "bread and circuses" and wasting my and other taxpayers money for what-"RUBBISH"
    Wikipedia comments on "Bread and Circuses" in these terms-I leave it to you to put a name to the "Autocratic Monarchy" .

    "To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes a supposed triviality and frivolity that characterized the Roman Republic prior to its decline into the autocratic monarchy characteristic of the later Roman Empire's transformation about 44 B.C."

    Emma Dent Coad's blog says it all:

    "The obscenity of profiting from the misery of homeless families or pregnant women living in B&B, or sent to live in Manchester, while spending £1m on ‘a landscape of wonder’ is so cynical and heartless it is breathtaking."

  4. This is another damning waste that has visited the 'cursed' Exhibition Road. Yet again two idiots have carte blanch access to £1million with no accountability to anyone especially residents. Whether they like it or not they are accountable for taxpayers money and there is simply no way this shambles could have cost this amount of money.

    But there is an even bigger price that has to be paid which should be at the Ballot Box and an investigation by an auditor or dare I say it Scrutiny Committee. Who authorised this spend at a time of supposed great austerity.

    It also shows the complete ignorance by everyone involved in this in terms of what great talent is on our doorsteps from the multicultural foods such as the stalls on Golborne Road and Portobello Road and Chelsea Farmers Market, to the musical talents of Cardinal Vaughan's Orchestra, Nottinghill Carnival participants, Holland Park Opera (which we pay dearly for), Chelsea Theatre, Local Schools dance and drama groups and the great Full of Life Productions to name a few.

    I totally agree with Cllr Dent Coad, it is obscene and Cameron should be doing something about it.

  5. Sadly, the Council gets away with doing what the leader wants it to do. RBK&C deserves a rocket up the backside because it continually gets away with not delivering the goods. RBK&C is, of course, effectively accountable to no one. The man who should be monitoring this Councils's performance is just a damp squid (and a large one at that); you guessed it, Eric Pickles. Sadly, another Conservative who is a complete waste of space. This what should be a "flagship" Council missed a terrific opportunity to do something special and because of lack of imagination, expertise & professionalism failed dismally; utterly hopeless. Another black mark from me!

  6. I have just been reading a copy of "Kensington & Chelsea Times", a local paper which has some varied and interesting articles. However, I see that they have a half page preview of the Exhibition Road Show titles "Prince Albert's Legacy lives", which suggests that this ram-shackled attempt to create a "Landscape of wonder" is to be compared with the Great Exhibition of 1851! I am sorry but this article is well off the truth and is wildly inaccurate. I would welcome a critical and accurate review of the Road Show and if necessary I would be very happy to write it. I think to compare this with the Great Exhibition is a disgrace, ignorant and a lack of respect to Prince Albert and the legacy of the Victorians. Finally, in my view "Kensington and Chelsea Today" should not have published such drivel.

  7. The local rag is exactly that, never expect anything topical or challenging to any of the Boroughs it advertises, it is no more than another propaganda paper. The only independent challenging media is now the Dear Dame.

  8. Why on earth have RBKC put up with this bunch of inept comedians for so long? The Conservatives regard the borough as their fiefdom and seem to have evolved a strategy of arrogance, deceit and delusion that permits this ridiculous pantomime to continue unchecked. Pooter and Co are know as Lord Snooty and His Pals in my neck of the woods. All power to the Dame !!
    with best wishes, Kerr M'Udgeon


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