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Thursday, 23 August 2012


This, from the Daily Mail, a True Blue paper should set alarm bells ringing. It shows the utter disdain the paper has for Pooter. Interesting that we all paid for his flash pad with the huge allowances we pay him.....If you go to comments you will find some rather amusing ones. Pooter, you shame the Rotten Borough with your two facedness and it is no good getting your mum in law to ring up and complain to the Mail...silly man!

You win gold for hypocrisy, Sir Merrick ...

When it comes to gold medals for hypocrisy, Westminster politicians normally stand proudly at the top of the podium. But how about this challenge from the Tory leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council?
The grand-sounding Sir Merrick Cockell (who’s also chairman of the Local Government Association) was keen to bask in the reflected glory of the London Olympics. He even filmed messages on YouTube urging everyone to give ‘full support to Team GB’. When the Games ended, he was bursting with pride.
‘I enjoyed almost every tense, drama-filled minute of it,’ he said. ‘Most of the country was proud and honoured to share the experience with millions of people around the world.’
Hypocrite: Merrick Cockel tried to cash in on the Olympic glory despite being out of the country for the second week of the games in a luxury villa in Spain

Sir Merrick, you’d have presumed, must have been there in Kensington, cheering near the Serpentine as Britain’s Brownlee brothers sprinted to gold and bronze in the triathlon.
Er, no! The two-faced chump had gone on holiday to Spain for the second week of the Olympics. He hired a £2,570-a-week, three-bedroom villa (with pool) which is hidden away in woods in the Ronda mountains near Malaga.
The villa’s website reads: ‘It enjoys one of the most fabulous views in southern Europe, stretching across the Genal Valley far below to the straits of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean Sea and the Rif mountains of Africa.’

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  1. What on earth does Cockell think he is doing? It is bad enough that our hard earned taxes are being wasted on his £140k a year allowance, but even more galling when he uses it to rent a super luxury villa when he should have been in London supporting the Olympics....the guy is a shame on the Borough.

  2. Here is how our Olympic sporting legacy is set to continue in North Kensington.
    Children forced to play their five a side football next to the slipway off a busy polluted motorway:

    Shame on K and C but do you think Sir Merrick or anyone at the Council really care?

  3. Why is that politicians like Sir Merrick are so often trying to give the impression of being something that they are not. Sir Merrick is a good example why so many traditional Conservatives are no longer interested in supporting and voting for the Conservative party. The party is full of career politicians, many who have failed to hold down a proper job, have however managed to find a niche within politics and manipulate themselves into positions that they are not fit to hold. As for Sir Merrick's behaviour, nothing surprises me here; I would expect this from someone with little or no credibility.

  4. Sir Merrick is also typical of the watching or spectating culture of many of the people who live in this country. As far as I am aware Sir Merrcik is very unsporting (the opposite of the Olympians) and has never played any sport in his life. Pathetic the way that these people have to hold onto the coat tails of others who achieve success for the right reasons.

  5. 11.34 you are absolutely right. While they sell off playgrounds and replace them with rooftop MUGAs (hamster cages) they will say, it's fine, we have Westway Sports Centre.

    The Labour Opposition Group regularly comment and put Motions to Council about pollution, one being a Motion to raise residents' parking fees for the most polluting vehicles (Chelsea tractors). Of course half the Tories were unable to vote as they had to declare an Interest! There was another to create a Low Emission Zone in the borough; no hope, even the GlibDems voted against.

    Of course the Westway is controlled by TfL - but the Council should be lobbying hard to reduce pollution in the borough from all angles. Last month Shepherd's Bush roundabout was the most polluted site in the whole of London; disgusting.

  6. I would have more sympathy with Mosquito who seems to be a member of the Labour Group. But they did nothing to stop the sale of the playing fields at Holland Park School or the breach of the Council's policies to move the affordable housing to the embankment for the underground trains. As a result the pupils at HPS will have inadequate sports facilities and the residents of the affordable housing will be condemned to live in a future slum.

  7. What a ghastly photo of Pooter does not look as if he too healthy. Needs to take some excercise.

  8. 15:39
    Dead man walking!!!! (or he should be if any of the useless Tory Councillors had the spine to get rid of him).

  9. this male is evil as is myers, where are the bloody cops when you need them

  10. Minding Prince Harry, Anon 6:52.

  11. Don't you mean 'watching his a**e'?


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